More werk to doES

So I finished filling out the fix/fx shot database... I've got 201 shots to add fx to or fix... that may sound like a lot to some but its not really... all I have to do is open the shot file in C4d...make the adjustment and/or setup object buffers/additional passes for the fx and the like and send it to render... So I can proB do like 25 shots a day...

I also have to animate the Prologue and Epilogue as well as the intro credits... which is another 40 or so shots but its really simple stuff... So I should be able to do all the fixes and everything this month...I go back to work on that on Monday...

I don't know what to do with my life when I don't have a quota of shots to do every day 0_o

So I'm going to do all that stuff this month to completely finish ALL 3d work for the film...

Then yes! In October you will FINALLY start to see what I have been creating here like the mad media scientist that i R ^ ^


  1. Dude I can't wait! The credit's can't be THAT hard to make, rite? Or are you going to make the most badassest credits ever?!

  2. m dot you should write a bunch of random stuff that doesn't make sense in the credits
    that'd be fun!

  3. Is it weird that I always liked making credits?


  4. Awesome. I loved we are the strange(and pop it in every now and then for the sound track)

    I will look forward to this.

  5. Also, coming to this blog as made me not give up on writing and being creative. Still focussing on martial arts, but not giving up on my dream to write a novel and have it turned into an anime. You gave me some great advice and book reccomendations.

    I hope we see more in the future.

  6. @Adam
    I tried writing a novel once a while back
    i wasn't very good at it i was quite horrible actually....
    so it never went anywhere
    But i'm quite sure you can do it ^_^
    (and if it gets turned into anime make sure they do it right and they don't fuck up the story i hate it when they change stuff)

  7. Hey m dot i just got an idea
    an you go do your next movie in the Hyperbolic time chamber?
    it'll be a whole year of animation for you in a day in our time ^_^

  8. i think m dot's like
    his power levels going way over 9 billion

    i bet he's so super excited to get this done and release it to us
    So much so he has to ignore us and power slam his way through this last little bit
    GO M DOT

  9. Maybe Mdotstrange can turn it into an mdotstrange style anime/movie?

  10. I think i should hibernate until HSM is done
    i could use some sleep


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