The next step after completing animation

So now that all the "creative" work is done...I must fix, refine and add the visual fx...

So now what I shall do is... I made a lil database with Bento 3... just a form that contains the shot #, checkboxes for the type of fix required as there are a few common problems is the shots that need to be fixed... a check box whether it is fixed and rendered... comments and a place for a still image of the shot..
I'm making this so that I'll be able to track all the shots that need work... I could have done it on paper but this way is a lot more organized and since i'm an ORGANIZATION FREAK when it comes to my work I'm going to do it this way ^ ^

So now I'm going to sit and watch EVERY single shot of the film and fill out these forms for the shots that need work... Once I have that... then I will make a new schedule for this fixiN and visual fx... and get to work on that... I should be able to have it all done by the end of this month... FIXING is WAAAAAY faster than the initial creation... its a lot easier and faster to refine something you've already made a decision on than it is to create from scratch...

I'm actually looking forward to this part because I did my BEST on making the shots WIN during the animation phase ... and I was able to do some AMAZING STUFF "in camera" with the straight 3d I get to make them EVEN BETTER as I shine them up in this phase by adding additional 3d elements... Then when it gets to the comP phase I'll add 2.5d and 2d trickery in After Effects to make them EVEN BETTER...

So yeh ImmA get on DIS...

Thanks for all your support and well wishes in my last post ^ ^


M doTs


  1. Is the voice acting already done?

  2. Bento 3 sounds like it is pretty useful.
    sheesh I could probably be using that now for the small projects I do.

    Have fun with the refining!

  3. Maybe it's the beginning of some voice acting? Probably the main stuff was done already. idk


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