The rising new super power of animation: FRANCE

If you are an animation geek you've seen the torrents of REALLY WELL DONE mostly 3d shorts coming out of France from school's like Supinfocom but also from individuals like Yann J...I really liked his last film "BErni's doll"

It seems every year the 3d short films coming out of France raise the technical animation bar a little higher for independent production...  as far as a whole country goes they OWN independent 3d animation production...

This was on the front page of Cgtalk... it was done by 3 students from France in a year... If you know the process you can't helped but be REALLY impressed by the technical mastery and complexity of the animation/production...

It's pretty easy to see right? If groups of 10-30 of these hella skilled animators got together and formed lil production companies and made original shorts and features there would be like 100 little Pixars in the world kickin out 3d animation and every month... and games too eh?

OH YEAH  A Town called panic was from France too ^ ^ COWBOY OH NO!!!