Undone fun from teh Past

Found some old music stuff as I was looking on backup cd's for some files...

So for a lil while I was in a band called "GO ROBOT TEAM" from like 2003-2005... we played a bunch of shows for NOBODY most of the time but we had TONS of fun... we NEVER managed to record a whole album... but we did almost finish this track from 2004 or so?... it's Me, Stuart(WHO did the voice of ORI in WATS) and Joe (who did the sound design+mix for WATS)

Stuart- hella rapping and singing (voice of ORI in WATS)
Joe-guitar+production:( Sound design+mix on WATS)

Me- hella rapping+beats
Here's some CRAZY ^ ^ GRT videos on youtube

We did some pretty crazy stuff.. like a "Public Toilet Tour" and we often had this morbidly obese 72 year old insane woman act as dancer and MC some times.. and we had this guy giving speeches about bacon or something before each show while we played the star spangled banner....

We had a ton more stupid vids we did that I have to find... All the while I was doing that I was still working on films and animation... after we were unable to record an album due to "creative differences" or some shet like that haha... I got serious with WATS and put all my energy into that.... some day I'd like to reconnect with some of these old friends and do some crazy music stuff again... but if not I'll keep doing crazy music stuff on my own like I am now ^ ^

Here's a random pic from 2004 when I was making wats in this lil loft space... I had a bunch of golf balls for some reason too ^ ^

Ok back to regularly scheduleD de-programming...fixing shots is BORING 0_0

EDIT: I ALSO found this RIDICULOUS BEAR TRACK I made for this short but I didnt use it haha


  1. Oh this has the awesome piano thing from one of the songs you posted on your channel recently.

    I dig the solo too, bruh.

  2. I hope you guys make mroe crazy music!
    fuck i loved BEEP BEEP BEEP and Bling Bling SUV
    great great songs

  3. Also this mp3 is a lot like the sex chip
    every time i listen it gets exponentially better

  4. Dude that Grt song was awesome! XD

    That 72 year old lady..is she the same lady that starred in some horrific tattoo video I found on the, internets?

    She did a lion...that roars 0_o

  5. Why do you have so many golf balls!!?!?! You scare me with the ammounts of golf BALLS you apparently had in a loft...

  6. looks like you've had an interesting past comrade

  7. lol Oh yeah that picz with black and white pixels labyrinth
    was a Papervision 3D utf=8 lol

    I have no time now to watch TiS vid Go robot Team but I have a feeling it's where you were in glam sunglasses lol

  8. aha
    Rhyme pieces lost in time
    I listen everyday in hospital
    hadn't time to download something else
    so ya are always with me

    so I listen you

  9. Manamo
    oops I did it again^ ^

    Sigmund Freud would say" ummm...

    no matter no matter"

  10. the sea is full of teleport rings made for you by the atlanteans

  11. @16
    get well soon there 16
    get out of the hospital cause i don't like them places



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