5 days = 2 minutes of low poly 3d madness from meH

So it ended up only taking 5 days instead of a week ^ ^ Now that I'm finished with the video I can show you some stills!

Check here for full size ones
Now this is something I did from START to FINISH is 5 days... It was 2 minutes long not 2:30 like I wrote before... BUT after seeing it you'll know I wasn't nuts when I said I was going to take a month and make a WATS sequel OVA after I finished HSM... after doing the 1600 shots of COMPLEX 3d I did for HSM this low poly stuff is SOOOO EASY!!!!

So I might just get started on that ^ ^ Looks like with HSM I might be waiting on the sound... I can't edit without the music so...if there is a delay in getting the music I'll make that WATS OVA ^ ^

I can't sit around for too long without a new challenge!

Well I finished this gig with a bumrush so I'm tired.... but tomorrow I'll look into creating some proper tutorial stuff for it... let me know what you want to know!


  1. Jesus...that´s fast. I did´t get that thing of using constraints instead of bind the mesh to the bones. I know we can parent separate pieces to diferent bones if the character is made of different parts, but constraints???mmm

  2. I would like to know your After Effects workflow.

  3. yeah i would love to know why you're so amazing at doing what you do
    Great werk m dot it's insane

  4. MAYNE that's seriously so awesome. i loved the little sneak peak of this music video in the last youtube vid you did. looks really awesome. so excited for all this mdot material droppin' soon. can't wait! ^_^


  5. i'd love to see how ya did all the color stuff in AE as well as what that cel material thingy is in c4d

  6. I think it's settled

  7. SO when can we expect the video to be released?

  8. @Reyori Log into yer Google Wave account ^ ^

    Also anyone else that emailed me about the conspiracy if you already have a google wave account log in and you will see that you have been added to a new Wave ^ ^


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