HSM SurveY

I'm trying to figure out the best way to release this film and the like so I made this short lil survey.... it would be awesome if you could take a sec to fill it out! thanks! TAke the survey Here

Please only take it once so its like a good representation ...as this is the only research I can doES nah mean...sankS!


  1. I did it Once
    But if i come up with any other ideas
    I'll be sure to post them here strange

  2. I want to watch it on YT on mymobile phone online with a group of other people online sitting surrounded by weirdo's keep watching this projected on the wall of a building

  3. OH forgot to mention I have to be sure that I have a DVD


  4. took your survey.

    very good then.

  5. i did my part already :3, hope it helps :)

  6. I want HSM to be playing in my breakfast cereal while i eat it

  7. Make a video trailer with GAGA in it. imagine millions of little monsters dancing to M.GAGA

  8. @dbmuse

    any mention of gaga here will lead to exile... even if it was in humour :p

    but seriously, peaches is the only bisexual, psycho disco chick mdots should ever be associated with. the sheer awesomeness would blow brains out of my nipples.

  9. You totally gotta have a video game made! That'll be the ILLEST!!! XD

    But how your gonna do that as well, i'd love to learn too!..

  10. we require a HSM brand chili.
    availible in all store including walmart, shaws, food lion, shop and stop and possibly family dollar.

    also HSM can openers (this is suggestion and not required.)

    now for shameless promotion of free industrial(ish) music


  11. HSM brand moist towlette. Keeping yo face fffffffrresh!


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