New M dot Strange album "AWARE_I_LIVE" 2010

I just wrapped up a new album "AWARE_I_LIVE" get it on my music page... scroll down to current albums #12... It's made up mostly of the live sets I've been posting on youtube...stuff like this...

This was a new thing for me because I did the whole album live with Ableton Live... all my other music was pre-programmed with a little live stuff for the drums and the like here and there ...but this one is mostly made up of me banging everything out live on the pads of my APC40 so its more minimalistic than my previous stuff but definitely more freewheeling and insane ^ ^ Cause its just me banging on the pads after finishing animation work  ^_^

If you've got to stay up all night working on something it might help you's definitely not meditation music 0_0

Oh yeh there's THREE and a HALF HOURS OF PSYCHO MUSIC 0_0 So its a big download... if all that didn't scare you away download it directly here

In my recent survey a few people said that I should charge for my albums... I don't know if I'll ever do that as I just throw them together but if your overwrought with guilt?! or conviction?! you can drop some dollarZ using this button ^ ^ Thanks!


  1. for the morning person:

  2. i can't help but notice this came out a while after i sent you an e-mail asking you permission to share the mp3's i made form your you tube videos... lol

    And what happened to section z? lol

  3. @ guest from the Pulsar:


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