Wait... I'm modeling and animating AGAIN 0_o

Just when I thought it was OVER DUN DUN DUN....

These shot reduX/Fx shots for HSM are taking FOREVER to render...they've been going for about 3 weeks straight and there's still about 100 shots in the queue at this time 0_o good thing I have other stuff to do...

As soon as I got back from my break I had to perform some hardware upgrades (New GFX card + RAM for main machine(maxed it to 16gb)..  After Fx and Premiere Pro don't like ATI cards so I got a GTX 460 for the comp/editing phase) BUT I've found this Nvidia card doesn't play very nice with C4d...lots of weird display issues... but yeh... might have have to pop my Ati 4870 back in to animate this music video.... BUT the Nvidia card makes After Effects much smooth and quicker to work with AND it activates the mercury playback engine in PPro which makes shuttling and playback super smooth which is nice when you edit super fast like me.... These GFX card standards are kinda annoying though... its like people use an ATI card for overall performance and an additional Nvidia card to run PhysX on... So C4d runs perfectly and GREAT on my ATI cards BUT the Adobe stuff DOESN'T so I got the Nvidia to run the Adobe stuff... and premiere uses Cuda which doesn't run on ATI 0_o STANDARDS where is they?! 0_0

So after I finished the upgrades I had to start work on the music video I was hired to do by my pal Jimmy Urine... so I just finished all the modeling for it right now and I start animation tomorrow... it will only take me till Friday to complete it... its funny cause the song is all about 16 bit video games so I had to revisit the gameY looking style for this music vid... as NOTHING in HSM is game influenced at all... Took me two days to model and rig all the stuff... and yeh should take 4-5 days to animate... If I have time I'll make a thorough making-of/tutorial for it but right now I've got a BILLION things to do...

Thanks to everyone who did the survey...it was very informative and I'm already making changes after learning some things from the survey so jes sanks again!

I'm revamping my whole business strategy...well actually I'm going to create and implement one as I hadn't put much thought or energy into it EVER... after realizing all the things I need to do to grow my lil business will require help... a business partner... I do all the creative stuff which is a lot and to try to handle all the business stuff while trying to reach out and expand my lil sphere of strange... its just too much and my creative output would suffer and I can't have that... So after figuring out what I needed to do... I said... I wish there was a company that would sell your DVD's, both digital(Itunes, Netflix) and retail(Walmart etc)... be able to sell other merch like shirts, posters, soundtrack CD's etc... So someone can go to one online store and buy all your stuff in one place and that company would do all the shipping and order and fulfillment and all that...

After everything I went through biZ-wise with the last movie there was one guy who came through for me... one guy I put my trust it and he came through one thousand fold.... he was the reason I made enough money to make HSM...and he is the reason I still get checks every month to this day... My friend Jamie Chvotkin formerly of "Film Baby"... this d00d is a great guy! He took care of me and WATS and it was thanks to him that I'm still doing my thing today.... so long story short... after wishing for a company to do all thangs... I checked out the site for Jamie's new company as he's since left "Film Baby" and THEY DO ALL THOSE THINGS AND MORE! So I'm looking forward to being a part of INDIEBLITZ to release HSM and all related merch ^ ^ I had a meeting with Jamie about 6 months ago and we came up with some great ideas...so yeh as SOON as I get this DAMN THANG totally finished we can start on that!

Their motto seems to be "We get it" and THEY REALLY DO if you ask me ^ ^

It seems like I've waited FOREVER to release any HSM stuff and it seems like I'm so close to it 0_0 ALSO it seems just when I'm like "MOST ALL OF THE WORK IS DONE" I realize that the work has only begun! I'll have to work longer and harder to release and distribute the film.... not I'm not complaining just letting you know what it feels like... but I sit in this room and I do it... cause this is what I was born to do...

So I hope you will stay with me and the finished film that sitting on my hard drives is something I think you will enjoy ^ ^

Thanks again for your support and BestesT,

M DoTs


  1. I'm cool with you holding it off till November
    I've waited this long i can wait longer
    Actually already started doing things for it in a lame kind of way
    One day i went on Omegle and just said "You will die...Inside..."
    and then disconnected
    people were confused lol

    Also this is soemthing i thought of for yer FILM SCHOOL
    After Effects stuffs
    so you can showus how you does your skys nd stuffs

  2. I feel like a stalker i always get 1st comment o.0
    oh well at least i don't go "First!"

  3. That's great news about IndieBlitz. I'm so glad that you have someone you can trust on the business side of things. That's a whole job in itself.

    Weird about the graphics card tango with ati and nvidia. why do you have to go to all that trouble? dumb companies should make their products work.

    Very excited about HSM and wish you good vibes for the music vid.


  4. Can't wait for the conspiracy :D Also, do you know when the music video is planned to be made public?

  5. Hi M, J4TR http://nofilmschool.com/build-a-hackintosh/


  6. I am Firsty Firstopholis the First!
    LOLs I shall never forget that lil film..

    So this dude pulled a Hironobu Sakaguchi and formed IndieBlitz? What happened with Filmbaby eh?

    And mdots, did you get the conspiracy msg from my gmail?

    There's so much aspiring artists can learn from you, practical skillz nd stuffs, it's crazey!!

  7. I'm glad you're starting to change your mentality about doing everything yourself (i.e. producer, animator, composer, marketing exec. etc.....). I don't think it's very healthy and if you burn yourself out while your young how are we gonna get to enjoy crazy stuff from and old m dot. Thanks again for everything.


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