Wise from yo GWAVE!

Contrary to unpopular belief I r not dead 0_0 After completing all animaton + shot fixes + fx shots I took a 2 week break away from all my computerS... I r back now...

My pal Joseph Chen up at the AWESOME Waterloo animation festival asked me about going up there next month for the fest... I told him I might be able to do a little preview since everything won't be ready by then... but I sent him a few images and this is what he said...

The aesthetics and style in these pictures are effortlessly grotesque.  This is gorgeous work.

So I have to talk to him I might be doing an exclusive preview up in Waterloo next month....BUT my first order of business since I got back is to make a 3d animated music video for my pal Jimmy Urine... they like hired me and stuff so I has to get this done asap...asap for me is by Nov 1st...

So we are now back to TOTALLY NORMAL business over here...morE teh SOON.


  1. I call bullshit you were running away from the zombies till everything was all clear!
    I know what you're up to strange i see in more worlds then one ಠ_ಠ

  2. ...he always writes less when he's just back

  3. Shweet!

    Where is Waterloo exactly?

  4. @v96 i know theres one in canada but dunno if he means one in the states or canada

  5. D:
    Is it too late to be a part of the conspiracy?

  6. It is rather confusing and strange the way so many posts in the comments section are deleted before I get to read them!
    Still I find this is a very exciting film blog :)

  7. wow o.o...., M dot Hungers, M dot Lives D:!, seriously i started to get a little worried o.o

  8. your cat is pretty badass. can he transform?

  9. I am putting in my two weeks at my hotel job. November 1st is my first day of freedom!

    I am cleaning my computer, backing up everything on hard drives, and getting to work on my 9 minute animation while finishing up College.

    THEN, I will make a few games, finish up my websites, and begin my adventure as a crazy online animator!!! See you there, MdotStrange!!!

  10. you know i kind of feel like a jerk
    were always here talking about HSM this HSM that
    we never talk about mdot
    How was your break mdot? ^ ^

  11. I think this supports my Canada Waterloo theroy


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