Change is required for Change

If we agree the old cliche "If it ain't broke don't fix it" is a wise saying... then wouldn't it make the opposite true as well? IF IT IS BROKE THEN FIX IT!

So many people claim to want change... they complain and complain about the way things are and then as soon as some agent of change comes along they then complain about the agent of change and usually try to stop it... If things don't work then change is required... and change is required for change... you cannot create change by doing the same things you did following the same patterns... that's called INSANITY ^ ^

We don't expect to travel by sitting still... by not getting in the car or on the plane... YET people claim to want change YET they don't do anything different... they don't change theY patterns... AND they expect things to turn out differently... it's sort of like magical thinking... I'm not going to do anything differently at all YET because some magical force will instantly make things they way I want them... and I won't have to change at all GREAT!

It seems most everyone is WAITING for something to happen to allow them.... or to give them permission to be and do the things they want... they want the world to change yet they ARE NOT THE CHANGE THEY WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD... so nothing changes... the same old cycles continue...

If you keep waiting... you'll be waiting all the way to your death bed... I've seen a few people die...  and with all of them right before.... there was this insane PANIC in theY eyes... maybe they were waiting for things to change? Who knows... but are you willing to wait and risk having that same panic in your eyes? If you do there's no going back... you're gifted this human life experience... what will you make of it? Will you simply pass the time?

Will you be another cog in the machine? Will you be another drone? Another sheep that blindly follows the shepherd? Will you swallow your dreams when the world causes you to get all choked up? Will you trade in your dreams for "safety"? Will create nothing in this lifetime but various biological matter?

If so... I think you'll have that look in your eyes when its your time to die...

So as you go through yer life watch closely those that come before you... watch how they behave... what they say and what they do or don't do... then when it's theY time to die... watch closely... if its not pretty then I say... you probably don't want to live like them 0_0

We can pretend everythings all fine and great while poppin anti-anxiety pills,  anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers, watch Tv all day, FAcebook all night, on da phone ferever etc... and live a whole life like that... BUT ONE DAY you won't be able to run anymore... then what? Then you will understand the concept of HELL...

I saY yer gonna have to face HELL some time... might as well get it out of the way as soon as possible...

We never know when our time might come... So why not chase our dreams now? If you were going to die next week what would really matter to you? Whatever that is... its what you should be doing today!

I know what I wrote has nothing to do with this...

But after compositing 120 shots in one day... you start to think about stuff ^ ^


  1. if i was told i was going to die next week i'd follow my dreams
    i;d kill every hipster sitting around me because they're talk about how great lady gaga is and what a great director james cameron is is starting to get on my nerves

    Also i'd also eat all the ice cream and rice i could
    best life ever ^_^

  2. My friend passed away in October. I was with him in the hospital when he died.
    He didn't have that "panic" look in his eyes... Actually I think everyone else did.
    He had done everything he wanted to do with his life, and I think he felt like he had accomplished what he wanted to.

    I think what makes us have that panic is when we look back on everything we wanted to do and realize we didn't ever even try them.

  3. Wise words MDot.

    @ Reyori
    I thought teh hipster wasn't supposed to dig mainstream stuff? Semantics anyway. I lol'd pretty hard at your comment :D

  4. I think the main reason why people expect something in life to push them from behind is the constantly fear of losing, imagine that, i dream of being animator/writer/designer/etc, im afraid to be an animator/etc., what if i wont be able to handle the pressure and i have to quit and become ... 'normal' again, eh, that is the main fear.

  5. @Permain
    So did I but these guys had the macs star bucks and everything
    Theres isn't even a star bucks for miles here so i had no idea how they even got it


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