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So I'm still tweaking on comP stuff...

Now I did try to go as far as I could in 3d so that my final 3d render was looking pretty tite on its own... NOW if ya didn't know After Effects was like the first program I got really good at and I used to do everything in it way back when I was doing like whole experimental short films in it with 200-300 layers 0_o back in 2001....

So after getting so deep into the world of my 3d rendereR... I forget HOW MUCH you can do in the compositing phase... I knew I was going to do my DOF blur, atmosphere and FX, matte paintings in COmP...but I had to watch a bunch of reference vids to remind me of all the tite stuff that can be done in COmP...

Just go to Youtube or Vimeo and search for "Compositing breakdown" and in watching those you'll get tons of ideas... Also by watching Andrew Kramer at work in some of his tutorials you'll get tons of ideas too...

When you get too deep into 3d you tend to get stuck there in the way you think ....WHEN there is probably some really EASY and SIMPLE 2d or 2.5d trick that looks great... and as long as it looks good who cares if it was done in 3d or not?

Its like why mess with fire, smoke, dust or liquid sims in 3d when you can just shoot teh practical fx? Tweaking those sims can really eat up time I've found.... I made the film with C4d 11.5 so I had ModyN to mess only allowed me to do rudimentary shattering of geometry BUT even in tweaking those I spent a lot of time... I can imagine what it would be like if I was doing cloth sims, fire, smoke, fog, liquid 0_0 It would have taken forever....

I had to have torches in the film but instead of comping in real fire or going with some fancy sim I just made my own fire... I just started screwing around with the formula deformer and some fresnels in a bunch of the material channels...some visible lights and I made my own fire that renders fast and is easy to move around a scene/ doesn't look like "real fire" by why does anything in a fantasy film have too?

It doesn't... by trying to stay too close to reality is what eats a lot of time... NOW I do walk the line as far as "reality" goes but we can't be afraid to step over the line here and there especially if its a minor thing and it would greatly speed up our work...

Ok back to tweaking on this comP


  1. Light Streaks? umm .. all is so fancy not so simple like simple cube with simple lines ..
    Trapcode horizon , sound keys...?? maybe..

    Audio to Animation?!! YEAH.. I just can't understand how's people made that in stock install they are geniuses er something

  2. 'Kusturica' twas oops:)
    It's like Santa, for a year you're gonna write a letter to Lapland, and when 'he' asks you what you want for X'mas , you are talking about some crap

    if M. you ever come here I'll prepare

    hey, people feel free to write below my comments don't be confused lol

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    And ummm... what the fuck do you mean "WE need support?"

    There's... someone else isn't there?

  4. haha its some new thing I signed up for and by default it says "we"... I da know why? 0_o its just me


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