I really don't like Windows 7 : (

After working for a year+ with Windows XP I never got ANY BSOD's or system crashes ever... my system was SOLID... Same Hardware but now to use After Effects Cs5 I had to install Windows 7 and in the past few months since I've been using it... I've had about 10-15 BSOD's, freezes, crashes...

Just now I had comping for the past 7 hours and things were great... then BSOD... and now After Effects says the project file is corrupt... tried a bunch of solutions I found online but none recovered my work so I start it over again... thanks Microsoft for "improving" upon XP 0_o

If Win 7 stays this shitty I'm going to have to do something drastic to get work done 0_0 FAWK and the shots were looking so awesome and it lost it all for this sequence 0_0 So I go try to replicate and NOW I'll have to save incrementally so if Windows decided to BSOD for whatever reason I won't be FAWKED like I am now.... SIGH... back to it


Took 3 hours to redo that work... updated all my drivers thanks to some tips in the comments.... and I have Allway Sync setup to automatically backup and increment my After Effects project files every 5 minutes 0_0 I mean BUSINESS! SO NOW the most I can lose is 5 minutes of work


  1. I've been having this problem as well mine much more constant though after 7-8 hours of use it just BSOD's never happened with XP Microsoft really needs to pick up they game and stop trying to make their shit look good instead of making it work!

  2. @Manamo Yeh it seems thats when it happens most for me too... should probably reboot every 4 hours or somethin to be safe 0_0

  3. Huh first time i've herd a professional complain about 7
    I'm using vista myself
    as slow as it is...
    it's been super reliable for me
    but i'm not doing what you've been doing o,0

    and i herd there was a windows XP mode on 7... im not sure how to get to it or if it would help
    Best of luck to yeh to find a solution man
    (P.S. I still want to know what that Japanese word is)

  4. I don't think I've ever gotten a BSOD with Windows 7. Perhaps it's a driver that's not fully supported or one that's running in 'XP mode".Do you have any 'old' hardware that might not be supported?

  5. Tis strange...I've been using 7x64 since April, solid as a rock. I DID however have a lot of trouble with some older apps and the like not wanting to run on 64 bits...but I got my production apps running like a champ.

  6. Yeh its weird cause the same hardware was SOLID with Xp... I'll go through today and update all the drivers as the source of the killing bsod was hdaud.sys er somethin so prolly the audio driver... Thanks for the tips! I just felt so violated after that crash I had to post here so I didn't smash anything ^ ^

  7. I know the feeling man. I get BSOD's every 5-7 hrs. I'm always on edge when i'm nearing the completion of a composition because i know that a BSOD is coming sooner or later, and there's no worse feeling than having hours of hard work corrupted.

    Still... beats working with vista... now THAT was trouble.

  8. I've only ever heard good things about windows 7
    nothing bad like this
    i think i should research an OS before i choose one to buy instead of buying what's new and has had great comments

  9. I moved to windows 7 the same reason you did, to bad that xp64 bit don't support after effects cs5, you should turn off hardware acceleration in after effects if you have it turn on.


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