It's coming together quite nicely...muahahahaaa

So after I finished compositing the prologue of the film I decided at 4am to cut it together using a temp track Endika gave me a few months back AND it almost brought a tear to my eye because is was AWESOME ^ ^ That was the first time I had seen any finished footage with the music and I must say we are on to something here 0_0 I make what I want to see... and there is nothing that exists that completes this vision I have but I think HSM is going to be it 0_0

There is a Japanese word that describes what I have been after... I came across it while doing research for the film and when I did I was like OH this is what I am after?!?!?!

So it was the perfect time for me to be hellS_AH excited because Endika and I were just talking about getting a pair of ribbon mics to do the final recordings... why was it the perfect time? because ribbon mics are expensive and sometimes you need a lot of enthusiasm to put things on credit ^ ^

So after consulting my pals Adam and Tomek here who are like mega INFORMED when it comes to recording etc... they told me that the AEA R84 was probably the best choice for the things Endika needs to record...

So he and I both bought one so now he was a stereo pair to record with... NOW recording real instruments is NOT my area of expertise but we did a lot of research and consulted a few peeps who got that knowledge...

Yeh it's a lot of money but we were talking it about we realize... we will NEVER make this film ever again...NOW is the TIME... and you have to THROW IT DOWN and GO ALL OUT some time?! if not NOW on this project WHEN? When the film is done we have to see it and listen to it for a year+ before the next film so we better be happy with it...and I doubt after its done and GREAT we're going to be going "OH I wish I hadn't spent that $1000 on that microphone OH!?"

I'm thinking of releasing the prologue as a teaser trailer next month...what yall think? OF COURSE it will have no title and no text referring to the film so it can be easily mistaken for other things BUT yeh ^ ^


  1. yo MDOT.

    thought i would throw this at ya

    you can upload tracks and people with real instruments and talent will re-record for you .

    they can also remix , etc..
    (do it under a different name, diff track names and you can be totally incognito, most of the artists will only be looking for credits also.)

    just another avenue to help make this film FKN awesome DELUXE !


  2. I've been studying Japanese!
    what's the word you peaked my interest with that mystery XD
    Katajikenai! ^_^

  3. nice mic
    ouch on the price
    added my nickel to the jar to help.

  4. That would be nice. Dec 1st it's prologue day :)

  5. well first I thought "hell yeah, show us that stuff, can't wait to see it!" But then again, over time,you've been talking about how HSM lifts your work to a new level in several aspects; MattePaintings, zBrushing, Workflow, Planning etc etc..
    Now that I think of it, I'd rather want to get the whole blast all in one big portion.
    When I'm eager to see a movie, usually I watch all the clips I can find online, read informations and rumors and stuff. And by the time the movie is out I know half the plot, the whole cast and I enjoy the whole thing only half as much, because I'm not as surprised and excited anymore..
    Now that beeing said, I can totally understand your excitement and would most likely feel the same way. ANd HSM has come a loooong way. HEck, I had probably filled the internet with my characterdesigns and set-renderings and stuff on the go.
    If you're going to unleash the prologue, I'd make it clear that THIS IS THE PROLOGUE TO YOUR BABY!! I, as a part of your audience want to feel that there's something big coming up, I want be alerted that this is just the beginning of an upcoming awesomness overdrive ride! If you don't, it might just feel like a bit of leaked material and I don't build up that same excitement. And that just wouldn't do justice to what you're doing here!
    Of course I -as a follower of your blog- would know about it.. but seeing the HSM title at the end of the prologue would leave me sitting on needles until it finally comes out, and might as well create a some more fans!

    Just my two cents here.

  6. LOL F.

    this is a fact now though .. it is technically next month.

    good call

  7. @R8Bitch
    Is it actualy?
    i want to know XD

  8. awwww mayne that's sick!!!!!!!!! i cannot wait. and YESSSSSSSS i think you should release a lil prologue teaserrrrrrrr. :DDD


  9. I am excited to see that prologue, M!

    Also what is the Japanese word that you came across?

  10. yay i'm not the only one that wants to know! ^^

  11. hehehehe release the prologue in Japanese .. really mess with the die hards !!

  12. @Variant I was actually throwing that idea around a long time ago since a lot people watch my stuff and go "those crazy Japanese?!" 0_0 So I can give them what they think it is ^ ^


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