Left Right Left Rights ^ ^

Jimmy Urine talking about The Left Rights... seems like the right way to do things eh? Get together with yer friends and just do fun stuff ^_^ It was fun both times I worked with them and I look forward to hearing the crazy voices Jimmy does for the new film!


  1. Jimmy Urine's going to be in HSM?!

  2. @Veruon96 Yeah... I mentioned it a few times here and on youtube I believe ^ ^ I can't wait to send him the scenes to hear what he does!

  3. Love his speech at the end.
    Can't wait to hear what he does...

    Also, that music video was magnificent.

  4. I'm just curious but are you not infringing on any copyrights when you use the altered beast clip in the background.

  5. @freakjobb well then all these are infringing as well http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=altered+beast&aq=f

    Some are from a few years back so it seems suing people for using altered beast clips isnt a priority for Sega ^ ^ So no need to call it to their attention anyway 0_o

  6. dude... i just saw the new left rights music video on youtube and i LOVED it. i can't get over how much i love your style. sooo pumped for HSM! and sooo pumped for more from you in general! keep doin' ya thang homie. you're doin' the damn thang. ^_^

  7. yeah i agree with that bullshit about it all of a sudden being cool to love 8bit
    I myself didn't grow up with it and I've got to admit i haven't played very many games from that time
    but i don't boast about how cool it was all the time like i hear now and call myself retro gamer and all that
    i bet those hipsters are behind it


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