Letting the fruit ripeN

So the matte paintings are coming along pretty good... This is the first time I ever did "matte paintings" for anything I've made... I used to just have the 3d render then I'd stick a sky behind it in After Effects... as I'd be in a hurry to final shots UNPROFESSIONAL! ^ ^ It's like buying some fruit thats not quite ripe and eating it to soon... and your all like...that was ok but it probably would have been better if I let it get ripe first...

Ideas and creative work kind of work that way for me... I have to let them sit for a bit... its an iterative process... so for the matte paintings...I first looked at stills of each of the sets that needed matte paintings... and took notes about what should be there... then I went through and made the matte paintings... looked at them all took more notes.... then went through them all again...so now they look pretty tite BUT I told myself I'd dedicate this week to them so I'm going to go through them again... NOW there is a danger that you wait too long and the fruit spoils and you projectile vomit all over yer rgb palette... kinda have to use yer artistic intuition to know what that point is...

The reduX shots FINALLY finished rendering... they took 1.5 months 0_0 So I'm backing those up now... then I can out the prologue-epilogue stuff on to render which is like 60 shots but they are pretty light scenes so should finish in a few days... SO after they are done and I'm done refining the matte's I can start compositing....

Endika told me he expects to have a rough version of the soundtrack for me near the end of this month so things should line up pretty well...as soon as I get the music I can start working on the edit... So I can composite and edit at the same time...so in a perfect world I would finish the offline edit and the compositing at the same time sooooo then I could just online the comp'd clips and the visual part of the film would be locked...so then we could record the voice actors, do the sound design and final the soundtrack....ok backups finished I back to werK


  1. Wish I had thought of this for the survey ,,, but still not too late ...

    Would be funny as hell(and probably very relaxing after this whole process) to record a Mystery Science Theater type audio cut , like a directors commentary ... But more like MST3000, where you and some people involved are faking the voices just making fun of everything... hehehe ..

    just an idea.

    plug for me.
    all free music.

  2. wait are you making the matte paintings? i thought Ini was doing that o.0

  3. @Variant ^ ^ Good idea!

    @Reyori Ini did some art that I used on some props in some of the sets... Initially I was thinking of having "hand painted" matte paintings but I changed my mind and decided to do them in 3d/Pshop/After Effects instead for a more seamless look and it has worked out well

  4. @Dot M Strange
    ahh ok that makes more sense

  5. An M Dot Strange MST3K would be crazy and funny as FAQ!!!! XD


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