MisC things I've learned on dis film+being a WHore on FACEBOOK

Just some miSc thoughts on doing this thang...

- I won't buy/build another dual CPU system... for price/performance its not worth it... which limits your ability to upgrade in a timely fashion... and because of the law of diminishing returns you'd get better rendering performance spread across multiple systems... We geeks probably feel the need to build some like ultimate computer for our film but thats not the right approach and it ends up wasting teh $$$

- I would go all ssd on my main workstation... I have an ssd boot drive but my media drives are sata... I'd just spend the money and use ssd on the mainboard or through pci-e like this for my media drives... 2tb sata drives are great for storage and they 125 megs/sec aren't bad but when dealing with huge files and massive image sequences the near zero seek time and 400+ megs/sec of good ssd drives make work more fun

- Try not to "final" or send shots off to render when your really tired at the end of the work day... better to double check them when your more alert or else you risk missing some errors and having to re-render

- Because of soaring electricity costs... I would really research which cpu's get the most performance per watt when selecting them for a render farm...

- never spend more than around $250 on a GPU... don't spend so much so that you can't upgrade in a year or two because your going to want too

- Make REALISTIC  schedules BASED on how much work you KNOW you can do.....do workflow tests...see how long the work takes THEN base a schedule on that... BUT try to push yourself a little... these challenges can keep you motivated

- If your going to eventually sell what your creating and your working with others and their work is being included in the film... have them sign a release form as early as possible

-It's good to think about the promotion/marketing of the film BUT when your actually in the process of making the film you should focus all your attention on that... there will come a time to promote it...more time then you'd like to have... but if you didn't do your best on the film and aren't proud of it that's going to make promotion that much more difficult...

- It's not that difficult to actually make the film... it just takes a lot of time, dedication and persistence... the difficult part is making ALL THE DECISIONS that must be made to actually start making the film... So as far as FEAR and TURMOIL go... that's all in the pre-production phase...so once you get through that... once you made the decisions and decide to STICK TO THEM its pretty easy...it just takes forever ^ ^

- Constantly tell yourself "It's not perfect BUT its MINE" when you start to question the technical qualities of the film... and remind yourself its about the EMOTION... and emotions don't give a FAWK about fancy fanciness... emotions don't want to see "SET PIECE: THE MOVIE".... they don't want to see "WELL TRAINED CALARTS ANIMATOR: THE MOVIE"...

- Fear doesn't need to be a big part of the process... you don't need to drink alcohol to deal with the stress and fear of the process... you don't need coffee either?!?! Those two things cause your energy/motivational to spike and crash... BUT you really want to just remain at a constant...so no alcohol... and tea instead of coffee lead to you doing MORE work because you keep a steadier pace for a longer time period... its not "exciting" BUT being a professional isn't about being exciting its about GETTING THE JOB DONE..or "shipping"... right Brad? ^ ^

- It may seem sometimes like your "missing life" by being as shut-in with no friends... but by creating.. yeR creating a new life for yourself... when normal people say "get a life" they are really saying "conform to the norms and life a normal life as dictated by pop culture"

- Leave "social media" and stay out of it... it will always be there and you can always jump back into the chit chat if you want... If you feel like Facebook or Twitter is eating your time you could be spending on your work then GET OUT OF IT... you not missing anything 0_o but a whole lot of wasted time with nothing gained but $$$ made for FAcebook Inc... ALSO mystery is VALUABLE... like the "value of scarcity"... MYSTIQUE is GOOD.... if yer all up in social media all the time your killing your mYSTIQUE... EXample: there was a band I liked so when I was on twitter I followed them... then the main guy tweeted about some AWFUL TV shows and films he liked....it disgusted me so I am no longer a fan of the band as I SAW THROUGH the illusion I had created that made them win... and the truth was FAIL... 

A lot of "creative" people believe they need to be all UP IN SOCIAL media in every way all the time BUT look at it this way... people always want what they can't get... if they can get you in every way all the time then why would they want you? They won't!... your convenient but your DISPOSABLE and REPLACEABLE...it pretty much makes you a WHORE... anyone can have you at any time... So why would they want you over the other social media whore down road? Because your "awesome" right? I'm sure every social media whore says the same thing! The way to really be "awesome" is through your WORK YOU CREATE and social media robs of time and energy to make that AWESOME WORK...so then you can't escape the social media whore web and yer PIMP Mark Zuckerberg ^ ^

Actually I figured it out... this is what facebook is...

It's all about YOU and how the world, everyone and everything relates to YOU! Even though no one asked 0_o  ... It capitalizes on narcissism and promotes histrionic behavior just like a REALITY SHOW... Why has it become so HUGE? Because EVERYONE wants to be IMPORTANT they all want ATTENTION and Facebook is the EASIEST, CHEAPEST way that requires NO REAL EFFORT...  SO YOU CAN BE FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS! 

When people say "I use it to keep up on my family and friends" I CALL BULLSHIT... If you want to keep up with them... CALL THEM.... VISIT THEM...HANG OUT WITH THEM....EMAIL THEM...SKYPE wif them... then people say "I'm too busy for that" YEh BUSY SITTING ON FACEBOOK CLICKING ON SHIT tending to your FARMVILLE FARM loL ^ ^ It's a circle... a cycle thats robbing people of life if ya ask me!

These personal reality shows are also on youtube, stickam, livestream etc...

Does anyone say... WAIT?! why do I need a personal reality show? NOT MANY... I quit Facebook and Twitter way back when because I was like...its wasting my time and outside of my work I'm not that interesting...

I mean we DO NEED a place where we can share our work when its done and grow a lil community er something... I've chosen this blog and youtube... because they are PUSH and not PULL... I log into them and push work out ...and there isn't any info or notifications being pushed at me...  I don't feel any pressure to post or update anything... I'm not getting notifications... when I HAVE TIME I come here do my thang and I leave...

End random post ^_^



    everyones all like "it makes you alert and ready!"
    and I've never drank alcohol... don't really much want to
    there must be something wrong with me i'm not going to get hammered every night
    the only thing i need to rely on is MYSELF not some drink

    (yeh I've always hated Facebook for that...)

  2. What's up with the blog? Background gone, fonts change from sans serif to serif? It's so confusing! LOL Seriously - good calls on both Facebook and consuming caffeine and alcohol - none of it's good for you.

  3. ^ ^ Well the old layout was using this old template that I couldn't resize and the width of the posting area was too narrow...so I switched to one of they other templates which has more space to post photos and stuff...hope its not too bad 0_o

  4. Finally you change it :P, i don't know if its my computer but everytime i check your blog its was very laggy.

  5. I'm teaching some animation and it really puzzles me that instead of working on their films with their expensive laptops and Adobe cs5students are wasting their valuable time in Facebook . Straaaange...when you´re applying for a job I supposed no one will ask how many "friends" you have.

  6. Your post about David Firth's "Time" and about Facebook really got me interested in social networking and ways that people attempt to artificially preserve time. I made this relevant video a while back: check it out starting around 6:27


    Your posts are insightful as ever, and very inspiring. Also, thanks for all those tutorial videos: my C4D skill just got +5.

  7. Ok, I now agree with you about social networking. But I still wish you had a Twitter account to tell me when your blog was updated.


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