Oh yeh my new 3d animation film school started?!

I was just creating some new Cinema 4d animation tutorials for fun but I've decided this is going to be the first run of my online film school course... The first 4 vids are HERE

I just started making those while I'm bored waiting for the last renders to finish so I can start compositing BUT I've decided too make a lil film within the tutorial series... allowing you to follow along with the whole process...  BUT its going to be out of order since I started with animation stuff ^ ^

So it SHOULD have started with the idea--->Script---> Storyboards etc THEN get to animation but since I didn't intend to make a film with the series it will be out of order... BUT this is only the first "semester"

Here's is an outline of the classes I will be doing PROBABLY ALL THIS MONTH ^ ^ I already did the ones in bold and I'm doing 5 and 6 right now...

001 Making characters come to life for beginners
002 How to use my pre-made rig with your own segmented characters
003 Quick and easy walk cycle creation
004 Making a monster from boring boxman
005 Making set pieces with Mograph
006 Building, laying out and lighting your set
007 Make millions of $$$ with the Jiggle deformer
008 Morphs, facial animation and lip sync
009 Your BRILLIANT idea
010 Writing the script
011 Drawing your probably crappy storyboards
012 Creating the EPIC animatic
013 Animating yer movie part 1
014 Animating yer movie part 2
015 Animating yer movie part 3
016 Compositing and creating the LooK
017 Editing this MASTERPIECE
018 Final thoughts
When the class is complete THEN I will do a regular live 3d class on Ustream to help yall with your projects ^ ^

There's a tutorial link at the top of this blog where I will post related content and the like...


  1. Oh boy making a short film about a thrusting box man!
    sounds great to me hollywood might even like it.... lol

  2. I think a film about pelvic thrusts have been done before, Reyori...
    Oh wait, so has everything Hollywood has made over the past ten years...

    I hate remakes ):

    ...This comment is so unrelated...

  3. Brilliant...but you throw tuts quicker than we can digest. Still on lesson 001 I've learned a lot about constraints. Saw the music video make-off, had no ideia about vertex map/deformers, great tip. Now its time to apply the knowledge, can we send links?
    Thanks, thanks and thanks Master D


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