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I'm still working on creating the matte painting stuff for the film... decided to comp an average shot with a matte painting... Render froze halfway in AE CS5.... seems you have to tweak the AE multiprocessing settings with heavy comps even with 16gb of ram with 4 cores.... I'm used to killing After Effects ^ ^ So the lil trick that SAVES you is to hold down Shift while accessing the prefs and set the "purge ram" frames... if things are really bad set it to "1" it will slow down your renders a lot but at least they will finish... for WATS I had it set to 1 for the whole film... I set it to 5 this time around and the render finished..

The look I'm workin on in the comp phase is to make it look like an old dusty place... and maybe the I also want the media to seem old and worn out and I'm not talking some "film damage" plugin ^ ^ Most all the 3d I see is WAY TOO CLEAN I understand most of it is for kids film but still... I really like the look of the Silent hill 3 and 4 cinematics...and some of the cinematics in the fatal frame series...
I guess yeh the point it is too try to take the cg edge off of it... I do 3d animation because that's the only way I can realize my cinematic visions working alone in a room with a tiny budget.... but I like the look of stopmotion and real sets the best...So I guess I'm trying to bring some of that into it... NOW you can only do so much in post BUT with yer depth pass and your 3d camera exported to AE as a base and some trickery you can do some tite stuff...

Before I moved out of that dusty yellow room in that warehouse... I shot TONS of 1080p stock footage of dust... jes thats right! I put black curtains all over one wall and had a single desk lamp facing the camera... I zoomed in and shot through the dust toward the light and it looked awesome! Millions and millions of little dust particles... So now in the comp phase one of my tricks is too comp that on top of my shots using the depth pass to control where the dust is thicker using the depth pass a luma matte for the dust video... it looks very nice... NEXT step that I havent done yet is to use Trapcode particular to create some bigger dust particles closer to the cam and use the 3d camera c4d exported so that the particular dust is locked to the cam so its "really" in the shot as opposed to the 2d video I'm using with the depth passes.... I have some light tricks as well I'll be using when there is a moon or large visible lights source in shot.... 

But I can't do anything serious yet as Frys is sold out of Hitachi 2tb drives and so is Microcenter... and all my drives are like %95 full... I can add 3 more sata drives to my workstation so I want to make sure I add the largest possible drives... as it sucks to run out of space and not have any upgrade options besides slow Usb external drives...that aint gUD for pulling Exr seq's off to composite I tell you...

Ok time to go run in circles so I don't go nuts ^ ^


  1. I'm using some blackW photos I took in the yard of dirty walls,and then multiply/soften over other layers, but moving dust is much nicer for textures for sure...

  2. can't cha buy some drives from newegg online?

  3. @snowball Yeh the thang is I like buying hard drives from stores I can easily return them too in case I get shipped a brick and when they sell them at frys they are $99 instead of the $130 at newegg +shipping BUT they are out of stock at newegg anyway 0_0

  4. seriously how many TB's have you filed? o.0
    you crafty robot


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