Survey results

I'd like to thank the 201 of you who filled out the survey... here are some of the results...
There's still some available at Amazon and filmbay if you want one ^ ^

That's good to see ^ ^

Seems like it would make some people happy...
So I pretty much have to make ALL THIS stuff available ^_^
Seems I need to make it available in theaters somehow hmmm... 

Most of the data I requested was write-in so I'm going through that now... thanks again!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do M
    if i watch you enough i will learn what mistakes to not make
    .... I'd more than likely make them anyway
    (oh yeah not really diggin the blog style all that much guess it;s yer choice XD)

  2. I used somewhat disturbing analogies when answering the write-in questions, sorry about that. I got so excited because of the previous questions that I couldn't control myself.

    And I enjoy the new template you're using. The proportions are much better.

  3. nice template :D, i'm stil trying to figure out how will you release a videogame of HSM =3, sounds like a hard but awesome task xD, hope you can make it :)

  4. @die Hmmm... I did get some pretty strange replies from people ^_^ Something about a fish pillow and squid 0_o

    @Erick Well for now the closest thing to a game that I can do on my own is make the sets explorable in 3d in fps mode

  5. Fish pillow, nice. Wasn't me though.

    And that sounds promising, I also gave the potential video game the highest rating but I didn't know that animation for film is so closely related to animation for video games. At least I thought it would take a whole different set of software and a bazillion dollars more. I was assuming you'd make the game based on your success and if you can hire an independent programmer or something like that. Which I know is not your style but as far as I'm concerned, all it takes for a proper game is either a good story or unique visuals, many fancy famous games have neither. Games like Braid, Machinarium or The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom aren't well known but the overwhelming majority that does know about games like that adore them.

  6. interesting and honest from you all the questions in the post, hope they deliver fun stuff!

    About the game...honestly man, why spending time figuring out a way of turning your movie into a Videogame (and making it a valuable piece of course) instead of...making a new movie?????

    It all depends of your interests OF COURSE, but as I've followed you trough the process of Heart String M. and before that, I kind of feel you closer to Animation and Storytelling than Gaming...

    regards man!

  7. you should sell HSM pizza... it'd be a great hit... lol

  8. You forgot the "Did you download.." And "will you download HSM"



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