2010 Xmas scribbles from M doT

So since I wasn't able to kick out a trailer by Xmas as I planned I figured I had to do something special for peeps that follow my stuff so I drew these Xmas cards for the people that emailed me to request them... a few requested audio recordings from Vladko and I just sent those out now... IF I drew an Xmas scribble for ALL the people I think I should it would take me like a whole month 0_o Here they are in all they M dot can't draw glory ^ ^


  1. thanks dood =D, in your mailbox there's your present xD

  2. i love that little jellyfish you scribbled fer me, it's my new desktop background, i smile everytime i see it

  3. Epic. Freakin epic. Thanks for the Vladko clip, I laughed my ass off. Merry Kurisumasu and that stuff!

  4. Ever since i started being a fan of m dot's work
    i;ve had strange urges around mannequins
    awesome drawing love mine xD


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