Attack of the pinKU

So I've been using a hella old 23" Apple Cinema Display as my main display on my workstation... I knew the color on it was funky as it was a defective product from the get go but just learned to work around it... I WAS going to get a color calibration device but got confused when like all of em had horrible reviews online so I never got one IF you use one like the Spyder3 or Eyeone or Huey please let me know about yer experience with them...

So I was checking some renders on this laptop when I noticed that the shots that were supposed to be bluish were pinkish... and after doing more testing sure enough...because of my faulty hardware and lack of color calibration gear my shots are all off color... for example....

This is what is output

But this is how it appears on my CRAP monitor BUT this is a corrected image and how I want it to look

So yeh all the shots I've comped have they color screwed up... Also I've got some extra Xmas presents this year ^ ^

So now to prevent the shots from now on I have a few options...
Get a new main display: From my prelim research seems the best budget display would be this dell 24" for $560

Get a color calibration device: Either the Spyder3elite for $199 so I can do both displays or the Eye one Display 2 for $199 BUT they both seem like they are unreliable from the review's I've read

Create an adjustment layer that acts like a LUT to fix the hue problem and apply to all of my shots: This is what I'm doing right now but if it is unreliable I'll have to consider the other options

NOW for the 700 or so shots I've already rendered... since I rendered to the Sheer 10bit codec I can make changes to the clips in the edit or upon final conform to fix them up with no quality loss BUT at that point I'll either need a reliable monitor and a calibrated crappy monitor...

I'm going to test out using this BenQ 24" I use as my second monitor to see if it's reliable enough to use as my primary... I hope it works out as that would be the simplest/cheapest solution... I thought the mic and the hard drives I got this month would be like the final expenditures but at the end of the film things ALWAYS pop up so always factor that in for your budget...

SIGH so more tech problem's getting in the way BUT on a good note... creatively everything is great...if they appear as I thought they did the shots look amazing...but alas when you do things on the cheap and can't buy the best equipment or all the equipment you need you have to come up with a workaround and there is always a workaround... So I keep trying to fix this before I go run in the rain with my plastic poncho lest I go nuts from tech bullshit 0_0

So I switched monitors and now my colors appear as they should... I just never realized how OFF the Apple monitor was 0_o It totally has a green tint and it's blacks are NEVER black.. so I went and checked and only the shot's I've been doin the past 2 days had the PINKU so I fixed them... LUCKILY I didn't screw up any other ones... but I don't know how I prevented it with teh screwed up monitor...but whatever the case I don't have to buy anything else.


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