Compositing progress at %50

So with the sequence I finished today I'm halfway done with the compositing...rendering is a little behind....
%50 in regard to the # of shots, all these sequence are not equaL

So I've done 830 shots now.... I would say that the shots are looking better as I go further... so since I'm doing them in order it should be a natural progression of win as you watch it ^ ^

I can't wait till the compinG is done and I get my hands on the music so it can change from a shot by shot affair into a living breathing action packed menagerie of mysterioso!

In the comP phase I've totally changed the way it looks and feels... I had my bi monthly meeting with Endika this week where we talk about everything but the film ^ ^ and I was telling him through the compositing it has become like a physical feels like a real place now... not just a foreground and a background... but a real place with its own atmosphere, and its own rules... its really dreamy looking... a lot of the work I've done is through diffusion softening the images and letting the colors and light bleed a bit so it ends up looking like a physical place that's painted... so this film is quite the opposite of what I've done before with Animation... there's no harsh colors or hard lines... since it's tied into the subject matter...its quite subtle...the look and the requires me to be more disciplined and not go nuts with everything in every shot...

So its ending up looking like a stop motion film with a $80 million dollar budget ^ ^ I mean its 3d animation and not stopmotion but through my aesthetic choices it looks and feels more like stopmotion... It's like some epic puppet theater...that's what it looks like I guess...

I've seen a few 3d animated films that were supposed to be like old and dirty and grungy but they were never grungy enough for my liking so HSM is FILTHY ^ ^ In more ways than one 0_0


  1. Filth is good. The way you talk about your film reminds me of Lynch talking about his grass painting.

  2. @dieA

    Ok I add mORE filth! ^ ^ WHEN is that Lynch guy going to put out another film that's not a documentary about himself made by his assistant or a doc about meditation? I wish he'd make another narrative feature alreadY

  3. Yes, my thoughts exactly. Or weather reports. Not that I didn't like his reports, but I refuse to believe he ran out of ideas.

  4. *encouraging * * encourageing comment*


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