The death of the wise_man

 (This is practice for leading my misanthrope cult in the year 2016 as I was programmed to do by Black Ops commando's in the mid 80's as part of an international secret cointel project co-opted by reptilian humanoids and the U.S. Department of Defense) seriously ^_^

The wise-man, the ascetic, the sage, the shaman....

These once sought after and heralded figures who were valued for theY knowledge and experience in normal life and the beyond... where are they now? Who are they now?

Who would they be today in a first world country? Some random homeless guy who lives in the forest outside of town? Yahoo answers? 0_o

It's been odd to me as I've grown up and have seen that it is just assumed that someone is "wise" just because they are older...that's not always the case... I know some pretty wise 16 year old's and some pretty fucking ignorant 70 year old's whose faces I want to headbutt until they explode into a burst of plasma and cartilaginous debris ^ ^  AND it's assumed because someone gets rich and becomes "successful" at earning currency that they are "wise" somehow...

As much as the system likes to pretend so... I don't think "life" is as its portrayed in The Financial Times or The Economist... that's bullshit created to maintain an army of consumer whore slaves to march themselves into the furnace as semi conscious black hearted human coal to fuel the infernal machine for another not so merry go round marching to the drum of the six zeroes and the POUND

I believe the true and most important goal in life is become the master of your own will... which encompasses becoming the master of your own mind and body... NOW that has nothing to do with earning currency BUT I believe you will be in a better place in life if you become the master of your own will because once you do you will be able to anything you WANT to do.... if you choose to use your will to earn currency so be it...

Why are the huge CONSUMER WHORES lauded....and those that have no "spending power" ridiculed? The system needs the consumer whores to keep going...if most of the people got smart and stopped buying all the useless shit the system would buckle.... and something would change.

Some of those most unintelligent weak minded ignorant people that I've met have been the richest people and some of the most intelligent, sophisticated and knowledgeable people have been some of the people with the least "spending power"...  its not always true but there is enough variation to buck the normal stereotypes in my experience...

I believe that we learn and grow through adversity...just like DAT natural selection thang er some shiT...through the struggle we get least we should... NOW just because your poor as fawK and don't have any monetary wealth DOESN'T mean that you might be the strongest person you know...

So give yourself some credit if your on the grind to better yourself... your day will come... and your probably already stronger than you know...

I believe a day will come when we will be valued on what we create...not what we consume... and on that note we do not "create" currency... we do things to earn is merely transferred to us and through us but it is never our's... when we die it leaves us and is transferred to someone else...

So what will you have to show for your life of labor besides some plastic and metal trinkets? What will you have truly created with your own hands? Your own mind? Besides the children from that really challenging task of ejaculating into a living woman's body? Or being ejaculated into by a living man? BECAUSE that's a really TOUGH creative task that deserves LOTS of praise! HA!

So if you ask me... BUT WHAT DO I KNOW I'm some broke worthless guy who rides a bike ^ ^ If ya ask me... your better off setting out to be the master of your own will, the owner of your own mind...rather then the owner of a ton of physical and digital tchotchke (see iphone apps)

All these material things come and go but we have to sit with our minds eternally so why not get acquainted, comfortable, and actually start to work together? Instead of the common scenario wherein the conscious mind takes 2 steps forward and the unconscious 3 steps back?

In the end were all alone... are you going to be ok with that?

Most humans(with this I'm claiming NOT to be human but an android created in Los Alamos labs)  I've come across fear being alone with they own minds... they own thoughts... they do whatever they can to avoid they own thoughts... isn't this odd? I've always thought it was's your mind so why not get comfortable with it? BUT again I'm just some random wacko with no money so what do I know?

To put it bluntly and not necessarily grammatically correct ...I DON'T OWN SHIT but MY OWN MIND and I'm the master of no one and nothing but MY OWN WILL and I'm the happiest guy I know... according to le societal standards and protocols I should be depressed and feel like a loser since my bank account is constantly under $200 and I'm not 12 years old... but the M is for misanthrope and I never gave a FUCK what anybody told me and I never will... this life is my life... your life is yours... so LIVE IT AS YOU SEE FIT before it ends or is taken from you... because when that transaction happens there is no refunD.

We all look to those before us and use they experience to help us choose our paths...I just want to say... its helpful to include "happiness" in your equation... and happiness doesn't have much to do with the ability to consume... I believe it comes from creation... TRUE creation....creation is bliss.. so is that why foolish artists like myself have "nothing" but are happy go lucky dumb bastards?

In an age where people look in the mirror in they mind less and less there are phones to fuck with and facebook to tweak on... where will the new wise-men and shamans come from? From the rich? From the poor?

Where ever they come from I'm sure they'll have more than 150 characters at a time to type...

They might already be near....take a look... not all people are who/what they seem to be.... you may think you are pitying them and they situation... but they may be the ones pitying you...

I believe that if your not comfortable with your own thoughts and not TRULY happy and fulfilled inside your heart then yer doing it wrong bruh.

I believe if you need anti-anxiety and anti-depression med's to feel ok even if you got a billion dollars.... yer doing it wrong bruh.

Know anybody like that?


  1. It's pretty clear to see, the Illuminati have succeeded. Those evil, powerful, greedy jackals, TPTB. I for one completely agree. I only have a job so I can eat. The rest doesn't matter, I only buy the needed gear for my creative projects. When the end goal of creativity is creativity itself and not money, there are truly no boundaries. Money is only a thing, a tool, it is a means to an end but not the end itself. Yet everyone believes they can be "better" if they have MORE, JUST GIVE ME FUCKING MORE OF EVERYTHING so I can be better than you. Those who mistake the fake ass pop lifestyle for happiness will die with nothing but regrets. But hey, at least they had a bigger house and car and clothes and jewels and PRESTEIGE than you, right? X_X Great post.

  2. Kudos to you man. I really appreciate how you talk so openly about this. Not many do.

    I agree with you on everything. When you die, all your money/possessions will leave you, and the only thing that will matter is if you were able to live your life how YOU wanted it, and what you were able to CREATE with it. :3

  3. Well I´m kinda like times. I want things, I feel bad for pirating stuff im interested in. Software, songs, movies...but im trying. Im trying really hard to become stronger and not want so many things, so much stimulation... Training mentally and i guess I can´t judge people because they drift along, allowing themselves to be programmed or how they have been brainwashed by their immediate surroundings, their input devices, or maybe are complacent creatures by nature, genes, the only thing i can do is try to show them there are other ways, other forms of happinness than what is sold to them in 5 to 120 min conduct shaping formulas, or positive reenforcement by scandal allure...forms that are deeper, stronger, lifelike, kinda like the earth´s core...dense and strong, yet moving.

    And also, i don´t think isolation from the rest of the world is the only way of doing this. The wiseman sometimes needs company on the else would that wisdom find a way to spread...virus like thought needs a host, a transmiter as well. So its a bit of a contradiction to someone like Assange a heroe? or another form of leadership, another idol to be burnt later on? I think he´s a hero, or his cause is, but I also understand the risk of something so radical creating a bunch of drones...assange drones...although any assange drones would be better than the meh blah ones we have around us now.

  4. showing .. not telling .

    its my very first and not very much to look at .. but I choose to look at it as progress , as long as I'm moving forward , all the technical shit you talk about will slowly and slowly scare the shit out of me a little less..


  5. Keep yourself sorrounded by creative people, or else... be a zombie! 100% agree master D

  6. 16 bit, i once met an angel from a far place, but i failed to be good and i regret... How do i make it better?

  7. Kid + I dar nar wha yer type 's
    Im just the same being as you


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