End of 2010 werDS and imageS

I finally got what I wanted for XMAS!
Brought to you by MAGICAL GOATS INC.    

So after getting HIGH on MEGA DEEK on XMAS I stopped my bike by slamming into a concrete wall and grinding my shoulder into it until it was a bloody mess... I had to do that to protect the leader of the free world of course!
The MEDSUN makes it look gross SORRY

BUT did that stop me from working?!
Another Xmas gift somebody gave me ^ ^
So I was compositing while bleeding feeling particular_LEE hardcore AND THEN After Effects SELF DESTRUCTED

Actually that wasn't the end...

Oh yeh I started throwing ideas around for the first trailer... so that should be laying waste to yer mind sooner rather than later....

I'm scheduled to finish compositing on January 9th... I'm through approX 1200 shots as of right now... 1660 total... but I'm getting close to the PSYCHO ACTION FINALE near the end of the film so that's going to take some time to do because of all the fx I have to do.... but I've been on a 30 shot/day quota that's working well...

The film LOOKS AMAZING I must say ^ ^ NO ONE is going to believe I did 2+ hours of this by myself... OR maybe since I already made WATS by myself they might believe it BUT this new film is like 100 light years beyond WATS in every way and so much more refined... it might be too much of a jump for people to believe... well its a good problem too have eh? OH NO the animated feature I made by myself looks like it cost $50 million to make!! AND that's just the "look" Muahahaha wait till you see the crazy new characters, the madness and many layers of narrative wrapped up into this thing!

It's easily the best, most beautiful and most powerful thing I have ever created... as it should be if I'm doing my job... every new feature I make should trump the last in every way... in filmmaking I believe the "sophomore slump" is due to laziness... some d00d makes an interesting first film then instead of GRINDING to up the power level and do something new and better he falls back on what he knows and makes something reminiscent of the first but without the rawness and power of the first... he might even get paid a lot of money for it BUT unlike many people I don't give a fawK how much money a film made or didn't make..if its crap its CRAP... same thing goes for microbudget films like mine... I don't want people to go BUT he made it for only $25,000! It should be AWESOME no matter what!

So yeh that's why I hid indoor and grinded for all of 2009 and 2010...so I could bring you something awesome in 2011!!! ^_^

Finally the year will be here so that I can unveil "HEART STRING MARIONETTE"!

I hope when I finally do unveil it like... some people will be into it ^_^


  1. I posted your arm on Facebook.
    Everyone was like OH MY GAWD like they will when they see HSM (OH YEH)

    It's ironic cuz you hate Facebook. D:

  2. Eff, man. Take care of yourself. >_<

  3. Be careful dude. You tend to self-destruct when you reach the end of a film. We need you in one piece.

  4. That arm is mega-disgusting/awesome; however, I must admit that I am super-pumped for your newest release!


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