GOing to do my best to make a "making of" art book for HSM

I draw stuff like this all the time in my crappy sketchbooks ^ ^
 Since a bunch of people asked for concept art and making of stuff in the survey I did... they also asked for the "art of" type book ya know.... Yeh so I'm going to do my best to make it... i just scanned in like 140 pages from my sketch/idea books from HSM.... then I'm going to render some wireframes of the scenes + characters as well as render the raw sculpts out of Zbrush... AND write a ton about what influenced everything... the whyS... how I developed the ideas etc... its all stuff yall asked for in the survey and more!.... so the book will be something like "The art and philosophy of Heart String Marionette"

In the book and film... is the way I have chosen to live my life ...and my approach to life, death and the universe...it's a mixture of many thINGS.....it's not preachy or anything..its just used as the base... as the philosophical stage that is set for this drama... BUT you could probably start a cult based on it if you wanted too 0_0 I've described the philosophy to a few people and if the ones that we're artistically inclined really resonated with it.... BUT ANYWAY I just wanted to let yall know it will be as much theory/philosophy as it will be art and technical stuff...

If things go as planned you'll be able to get the book when the film is released...or perhaps a bit before... I'm making the book so that it will work as a printed book, a pdf, or an epub...

I really should have done something like this for my last film too BUT I was so slammed with work/stress last time I was reeling just to get the film finished then to make the DVD... since I'm more experienced now I should be able to handle the book too...

Compositing is still moving along well...


  1. yo mdot: http://www.fredandsharonsmovies.com/

  2. @Dave Great stuff ^ ^ Thanks for the link!

  3. i know it might be out off topic, and it kindda makes me happy the art book notice n_n, but this is something that's bugging me right now. Dr. House is one of my favorite series, but the episode i just saw today, awakened a feeling in me, that's kindda hard to achieve, and now that i'm studying all this film-making stuff in my new book i kind of understand many plot points and symbols, the fact that the patient was in a collapsing building symbolized house's collapsing life, the patient represented house's own misery, but what really moved me inside was this phrase: "all my life, i thought, that if i helped other people, that if i made good things for them, good things would happen to me". this quote reminded me many experiences i had in the past. Lately, many people around me or related with people i care is suddenly dying for some reason, i've lost 3 friends already, one of a heart illness, one of suicide and one in a car crash, and a friend of mine lost her mother one week ago and i just couldn't be with her, and it bugs me, cause all of them were splendid people, always helping others, making them laugh, putting the need of others over their own, and look the result

  4. anyway, besides the anger and pain and all that stuff that i felt, i also thought, when i make films, i want to give these feelings to my audience, that's what films are all about, not presenting "icarly" bullshit, nor saying that internet and technology is so cool and you have to buy it, nor just presenting superman #23234249987 or goku version 11230921380.5, no, it's about sharing what you are and what you've lived with your audience, this vacations, everyday, i started to read at least 3 pages of my book and making one exercise for 2 hours, studying japanese one, practicing my drawings another 2 hours, and i had found this "Pencil" animation program that has been my friend since i started using it. the fact is, i want to make people feel all these things that i do, i want to share my pain with them, not only my laughter. anyway, just somethings i needed to put out of my chest, i'll do my best to bring something good to the world and i'm definitely buying your artbook M :), by the way, thanks for passing by through my video, i'll do my best to keep making even better videos in the future :), Peace.

  5. Excellent! Very glad to read you are going to put together an art book. Yay! I'll plunk my hard earned cash down, brother.

  6. now you know my pain m dot i have a lot of scanning to do for the AD pages in my yearbook ;_;


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