More tech ProBS 0_o

So it seems After Effects Cs5 cannot render 10bit Sheer video files... which puts a crimp in my workflow... it worked fine in CS4 but Cs5 broke it... I posted on a couple of forums trying to find a solution... So I can't render out my final comps yet... unless I decide to go with Uncompressed and its gigantic file sizes and data rates... AND Ae caused two BSOD's while rendering soooo....

So far I've gotten two BSOd's and one freeze while trying to work tonight... I have a backup copy of AE prefs and I have Allway Sync copying my project files every 5 minutes so I won't lose any work BUT you can't work like this... So I'm scouring the net looking for solutions... I'd rather be comping cause its coming out great... but sometimes technical proBlems get in the way of your creativity... if its still a hassle after a few more days I'll have to do something drastic... BUT I've been throw crap like this a few times before... it always robs you of some of yer soul 0_0 but you gotta just keep grinding through it...

On the bright side the shots look AMAZING! NOW if I could just get this tech shit out of my way.... back to reading message boards 0_0


  1. go into system32 and delete the file that makes the BSOD
    never have problems again! :D


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