NerD NightmareS

So I had a nightmare yesterday that I HAD RENDERED ALL MY FINAL SHOTS INTERLACED AND NOT PROGRESSIVE! You can imagine the HORROR?! In the nightmare I SAW the FIELDS...the interlacing... and it was HORRIBLE 0_0

Now that probably doesn't seem scary to many people BUT its my mind letting me know how important all this stuff is to me... Its my whole life so it means everything to me so consequently I tweak on it and it gives me mad stress sometimes...

Speaking of nightmares thanks to my homie ScreamerClauZ for sending a painting and DIS RECORD

I did a small voice acting part in his new film and he's going to be doing the voice of a monster in my new film...

So the composites are rendering everyday now...seems like about 30-40 get done while I'm asleep so if I stay on my quota of 30/day the renders should keep up with the work...

I finished my quota early today so I went through and tweaked about 200 shots that I had already composited as I discovered something new I wanted to add... SO it was a blessing in disguise that rendering was delayed OR ELSE I would have already rendered them THEN I would have had to re-render them and I really want to avoid that.


  1. ha that's a terrifying nightmare indeed ^o^;

  2. What aspect ratio/resolution was this dream in?

  3. @Tony yeh unfortunately it was in like 4:3 Sd NTSC 0_o


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