Post workflow adjustmentS

So I've figured out my post workflow after getting the Sheer codec to work in 10bit...

So I'll render the final Sheer 10bit Rgb mov's out of After Effects... these won't play back in realtime on my single sata drives so after they are rendered I'll import them all back into AE and render them out using PhotoJpeg at %50... I'll use the same file names and just render them to a different directory... Pjpeg at %50 produces really small and light files perfect for the offline edit....

So I'll cut the film using the Pjpeg mov's... when the cut is finished... I'll assemble the whole film on one timeline in Premiere Pro... then I'll "offline" all the mov files and move the Sheer files into the directory where the Pjpeg ones were and reconnect the media... so then I'll have the assembled cut with the Sheer 10 bit files....

Then I'll import them PPro project into After Effects... I don't trust PPro's export options and AE's renderer is solid... So then I'll have the whole completed film in AE... then I'll render the whole thing using the same SHeer 10bit rgb codec... and that will be the films master.... then I can create an H264 version for the web, mpeg2 for DVD or whatever else need be...

By staying 10bit rgb all the way there will be no loss in quality from converting to 8bit or any rgb-->yuv conversions... I'm doing color correction in the comp phase BUT if I decide to make changes in Ae before final output it will be easy to do so AS AE import's PPro sequences as both a single file AND as the assembled timeline with individual clips...and since its 10bit there won't be any problems doing CC at that point...

I was thinking of trying to stay with the Sheer all the way and not create the "offline" Pjpeg movies... but in order to do that I'd have to setup at least a 2 drive sata raid to play the files back on... but my intuition told me that doing that would be asking for problems... and it's not a hassle at all to create the Pjpeg proxies and relink the originals later... I'd rather have more speed and flexibility when editing...

I like to edit FAST so that was a big factor in my choice... also raid 0 setups make me nervous.... especially if I have to run it 24/7 so AE can render to it, then run it 24/7 to cut on... a single 2tb to work off and one 2tb external to backup onto is simple enough and not that expensive...

Cause I can't just buy one hard drive... I need to get the backup solution for it too... So if I went 2x 2tb raid 0... I'd end up buying 4 2tb drives so I would have the backup in place... I was thinking of doing a 2x 1tb raid 0 with a single 2tb to backup on to... BUT I have a suspicion that I might have 4-6 hours of "raw" footage which would be more than the 1.8tb the raid would yield... and then I would have taken up all the sata ports on my system leaving only usb2 as the SLOW option...

So I got 2x 2tb drives for now... one to render and one to backup... if I end up filling the 2tb THEN I can add another 1tb or 2tb drive to fill all my sata portS leaving me at a fast storage DEAD END!?!?  UNLESS I decide to add a port multipler sata card to my system like this one as I already have a RAID 1 for all my WATS master with one of these...

Btw Addonics is here in San Jose...I rode my bike there to pick up my order when I bought from them ^_^ they sell good stuff if you want to do a sata raid... you can get the case there and the card...

If I re-use my sata case I'd THEN have to take the drives out of it and add 4x 1tb or something... GEEK OVERLOAD!??!?!

HEAVY BREATHING... I make films... I AM NOT TETSUO THE IRONMAN... even though I am surrounded by technology I am a human... OR AM I?!

Seriously I have SO MUCH computer/audio/video tech in this tiny space its INSANE... it starts to take over my mind like it has been this week... its like "IMPROVE US UPGRADE US ADD ON TO US! MAKE US BIGGER FASTER MORE EFFICIENT"

DEEP BREATH.... ok ok back to working on the film....


  1. You´re like Lain, reached the future with your own hands. Time to slaughter the beast, this too, with your own hands. hang tight in there, you have all the love and support from us.

  2. hello everyone =D, just wanted to share with you a little video that some friends and me made, and no this is not propaganda xD, i just wanted to share it cause it gives me hopes in the future to start getting better with filmmaking stuff, u that posees more knowledge about this, are invited to pass by and leave a comment, specially u M that had inspired me to all of this indie film making stuff. with nothing more to say, i leave this video to you :). thanks again guys :D

  3. Your backup system sounds like my backup system...I just have one old machine that I cleaned out with a couple of non-raid drives in it, and I have a backup.cmd on the workstation to mirror my project drive to those two drives. Raid makes me nervous also .____.

  4. Oh, no M. you're The Iron Man
    hybrids could be prepared

  5. M Dot you might as well just turn that whole room into a super computer
    it would save you a lot of time and money in the future
    and give it like 2 petabytes of memory

  6. maybe you should rendering in png sequence or tiff at fuuh res.

    Then making proxy at v size to editng in realtime easily.

    Making the mix audio mix.
    export a fianl cut of the movie with sequence numbering and TC incrusted.

    And the finaly make a conformation editing (if using pemiere it will esasing the process), using the full res tiff / ng sequence, using after effects.



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