Sometimes the best things start out HORRIBLY

So I was compinG a new set today and it even though I had already done a few revisions "looking" the set I didn't like the way it looked... NOW as I go further my standards get higher... so something I worked on last week looks like rubbish compared to what I'm doing today ^ ^

So I decided I was going to do something different with this set and as I started the first couple shots were looking terrible 0_0 BLAND, FLAT just BLAH... but I just kept on working...grinding ....till 52 minutes later tweaking the same shot it looked OK... then I went on and make a few more adjustments and BAM the shots were looking I went back and tweaked the first few with the new settings and yeh...

I've noticed this happening a lot... sometimes things start off slow and seem like its going nowhere and its going to be teh fail but you don't give up... you just keep doing yer thang... coming from different angles...trying different techniques and before you know it you've got something great IF you didn't give up already... most people give up too soon me thinks...

That's why you want tEH TENACITY and stubbornness ... I won't stop... I CAN'T STOP until whatever I set out to do is DONE... I won't sleep I won't eat I'll just keep grinding and grinding until its done... this happens a lot with technical problems... just keep attacking it from different angles...different approaches... get reference...reverse engineer...  just GO GO GO! That's how films are made.... you just GO GO GO for weeks, months, years and then...its done.....



  1. sup M, forgive me for asking but have mentioned in the past the OS Amiga?, not the one that is right now but the old one, the one from disney, cause i'm just grinding right now trying to learn as much of animation and filmmaking as i can and i found that OS and for me it was awesome, way more awesome that many programs that are in the market now days o.o, also, i wanted to know if by any chance would you allow me to word with you someday, so i can keep learning more and more from filmmaking and stuff :), hope to get a response from u M :)

  2. by the way, i bought the filmmaking book u mentioned in one of your videos :P, the one named developing digital short films, i'm reading and practicing little by little and it's so awesome how much content it has :)


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