Tech probs some answers+codecs

So I'm still on shaky ground hardware wise but it looks like maybe the OC'ing ws making the system shaky when super stressed by AE on the CPu and Ram...temps were fine but turning off the OC prevented any crashes last night after I did so...

I've been unable to render any finals because my codec of choice... the Sheer Rgb 10bit codec was not being rendered in 10bit in After Effects Cs5... it would always render an 8bit file and not let me select "trillions of colors" I want to go 10bit all the way and after my tests Sheer is the best on the Windows side when you factor in quality AND data rate... I went through a couple today doing tests.... My final output is 1920x1080 24fps rgb... These are my findings are doing research then running my own tests where I rendered the same shot to all these different codecs then compared them in AE and Quicktime player for color/gamma differences then brought them into Premiere to see how they played back or NOT...

Uncompressed: 10bit 444 Rgb lossless, perfect quality and the right color space for me but HUGE file sizes, won't play back without sata raid or ssd's impractical with SSd's because of space required about 670gig's per hour and 200 megs per second... also the only Uncompressed 10bit RGB codec I could find for windows cause darkening the renders

Avid DNxHD: 10bit , lossless? native YUV so does a conversion which shifts the colors a bit, 10bit LOW data date, small file sizes with great quality minus the color shift if your material is rgb like mine...very comparable to Apple ProRes... plays back fine off a single sata drive... about 150 gigs per hour and like 40 megs a sec... seems like a great choice if your all YUV

PhotoJpeg at %100 quality: 8bit  444 rgb... lossy BUT your naked eye can't tell... looks great, no color or gamma shift, really small file sizes... about 140 gigs per hour and about 40 megs a sec so plays back fine off of a single sata drive... best choice if you don't care about having 10bit

Sheer 10bit RGB: 10bit 444 Rgb lossless, perfect quality AND decent files sizes... no color or gamma shifts... about 340 gigs per hour and 90 megs a second... SHOULD playback off a single fast 2tb sata drive but in my case it does not... the files are like 95 megs/sec and the drive benchmarks at 115 megs/sec average BUT it will only playback at like 10fps... So seems you need at least a 2 drive sata raid to play these back smoothly

Since the Sheer will only give me like 10fps on my mostly empty sata drive its not practical for editing... So what I'm going to do is have two output modules... one with the SHeer file and one with Pjpeg... they will have the same file name but go to different folders... So I edit offline with Pjpeg then online with the Sheer files...  Same workflow I did with WATS except I'm replacing Uncompressed with Sheer... as those Uncomped files are just too big and in my recent tests they will making the renders darker...

So after my tests Sheer seemed the best BUT After Effects Cs5 would not render 10bit Sheer files... after scouring the internet, posting on forums, filing a bug report...I just started screwing around myself and I fixed it ^ ^ Here's the solution for that one person that will have this problem in 3 years ^ ^

Find this file "mediacoreQTCodecRulesCs5"  its in a hidden folder on Windows... your user AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common\ ... "Shr7" is the code for the 10bit RGB Sheer codec... change this entry....

To this...

I changed the "mactel" to "windows" and that did it?!

Ok as long as my computer doesn't start crashing again I'd like to get some creative work done 0_0


  1. Nifty bit of problems solving, Mdt. I'm often at sea with codecs. Your post helped a lot.

  2. A lot of engeneering problem solving for an animator/director...what format will you send at the end for festivals?
    keep on animating...

  3. Maybe if microsoft started Making OS's designed for business again instead of for those people who have no idea what an OS is and just want to use computers to check Face Book...
    you wouldn't have these kind of problems lol

  4. I Was looking through RAM on a tiger direct magazine and the korean exchange student was astounded at the price and i asked why
    he told me he could get 4gb's of DDR3 RAM for 20$ while were at like 200$
    I'm throughly jelly


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