These shots will devour your RAM

So I finally started rendering final shots out of After Effects... only after finding out that even with 16gigs of ram I can't use then"render multiple frames" feature without my renders errorinG out... I followed the guidelines Adobe released... and left 6gigs of ram for "other applications" which gave AE 3gb per core but I guess 3gb per core is not enough for these shots 0_0

So I had to turn that feature off... BUT I don't really care if it takes a bit longer as long as it renders the shots without any errors causing bad frames etc... Its a good thing I pre-rendered the animated matte paintings as my computer probably would have melted down with those...and my main computer is already kinda maxed out...

 After 5 days of this comP work I had to change my schedule... I thought I could do 50 shots/day but when there's complex shots to do it ends up taking a lot more time...So I rescheduled myself with a 30 shot/day quota instead..

My printer died so I had to make CUSTOM calender pages ^ ^ I hope these final renders go smoothly as when they are rendered I won't have to touch the shots anymore! I just have to edit.... it will be nice to know there's no more potential problems with the shots....because with every iteration in the process there's a possibility for errors... animate the shot... errors? Render the 3d... errors? Render the final comps... errors? NO ERRORS? DONE

So the plan is to comPosite during my workday then render when I sleep... wake up... backup the renders from the night before then continue the process... I use one of these docks with bare hard drives for backup...
Really quick and easy and you don't waste yer money or space with hard drive cases... and it has a USB and super quick e-sata connection for teh big get the e-sata to work I have to connect it with the computer off then power the dock on then power the computer on... Its only like $20 here

So yeh hopefully things go smoothly so I can start moving that other progress bar over there----->


  1. aww darn i loved that printer!
    it always gave out the best images
    whens the funereal?

  2. Argh wow amazing backup idea, thanks!!!

  3. Great backup system...I wonder if I can find it here, not for that price I´m sure.


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