So it looks like we are scheduled to FINAL the film by March... I don't know how Endika is gonna break his work down but its going to be pretty intense for me...

December= Composite/Color correct/Add 2d fx to 1600 shots
January= Edit the whole film approx 120 minutes for final
February= Send out materials to voice actors and get that stuff recorded...

Actually looking at it now there's no way it can be finished by March...  I can't send out the materials to the voice actors until the edit is locked.... I can't lock an edit until I have the music... I don't have the music yet and even if I get it tomorrow I'm so busy with compositing this month I won't be able to cut until Jan 1st...

So let's say I lock the cut and send out the materials to the voice actors Feb 1st... It will probably take the whole month of Feb JUST to get all the recordings back from all the actors, as well as record the actors here...

Endika can't do sound design without having a locked cut.... So if he gets that Feb 1st... will he be able to do the sound design for the entire film, as well as manage all the voice actor recordings, and MIX the entire film in one month? 0_0 Seems more like 3 months work to me 0_0

So I would say a more realistic date for completion is May...

BUT before you SIGH and go "I'm NEVER GOING TO SEE THIS FILM CUZ ITS TAKING FOREVER!!"  I'm going to release the prologue as a "teaser trailer" around Xmas time most likely ^ ^


  1. Hey, it takes the time it takes, Mdot. Rather it be exactly the way you want it to be than out sooner, ya know.

    Feb sounds great for voice work. Love to drive down to your shop to record if possible.

    don't forget to sleep sometime.


  2. Would it be possible to record the voice actors based on the content of your current rough cut, and then edit the voice recordings to match the final cut? That might allow you to get the voice actors working now (if you can find time to prepare and send their materials), and then you will have their work back by the time you are ready to make your final cut and sound mix. Might allow you to finish a bit faster than otherwise.

    Keep up the good and inspiring work.


  3. You should release it on may 9th cause thats my 18th birfing day
    YAY XD

  4. @Richard Yeh its gettin there just seems to go on forever to me 0_0 Yeh I would give you your materials a few weeks in advance so you'd be all preppeD AND I know yer a pro so I'm sure it'll be great ^ ^ btw I've re-read The Pushman like 8 times, thanks again!

    @Michael Hmmm that's a possibility... I guess there's two reasons I haven't done that yet... there's no music yet and the music is so powerful I'd like the actors to be able to hear the music when recording so the moods match and some of the dialogue is to be sung to the music ^ ^ I have temp voices for the whole film I recorded so I'm planning on cutting with those then replacing them with the finals later

    @Reyori May 5th is the deadline for Montreal's Fantasia film fest where WATS won a few awards and was well received I heard... so I want to enter it and hopefully premiere there but who knows what might happen ^ ^


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