WIKILEAKS: Truth:Light and Dark:FreedOm

Now if your not following what's going on with Wikileaks right now yer missing a revolution going on right under most peoples noses... I've always been aware that the final "world war" would not be a war for soil... or money... it would be an "infowar" or the final battle for the control of people's minds... I think there was a chapter in the book "Behold a Pale Horse" entitled "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"

I've always thought that in this horribly corrupt and debased system of the politricks pony shoW the ONLY people would ever have any real power to make waves in this new electronic world would be hackers... and now through various means.... various truths are being exposed and much like an individual human HATES having to face the truth...the entire SYSTEM is shuddering in horror right now trying to erase one man and an organization in Wikileaks because of the truth's revealed... just as the dark scurries away from light... the powers that be that have made THIS ONCE wonderful country into the mediocre cesspool it has become are trying to keep their TOTAL control of information intact...

I've done a little studying on means and methods of propaganda... and the "media" has it going in full force right now against wikileaks... So watch closely and be careful of making judgements based on hearsay... go read and research for yourself... that is the age we live in now... we don't have to repeat or retweet the puppets word and accept them as truth...I mean it is a lot easier that way so out of laziness most will choose to defer the responsibility of having to make their own judgement but what will you do?

This whole thing is not about any one country or person... its about the age of lies, and darkness we've been under since as long as I've been alive... its about that age being DESTROYED giving way to truth and transparency in "government"

I've always know the supposed "real world" is FULL OF SHIT... most of what has been accepted as truth is a LIE... most of what is "the way it is because that's the way it's always been" is also RUBBISH... Now I'm just some filmmaker guy so I'm doing my part in what I do..filmmaking... to show that the "real world" of filmmaking is FULL OF SHIT... and most of what has been accepted as truth in the way films are made etc is a LIE....

BUT I have some bigger ideas as well...

Now why would I be so adamant about what I perceive to be lies in regard to the accepted "real world"?

I saw something when I was 16... in my waking state...with my own two eyes... NOT on any drugs... heard it... stared at it for 30 seconds until being terrified and running away... something that is not supposed to exist.... yet it did exist and seemed very much like the natural evolution of a certain type of technology that has been withheld from the public sector...

So when you have an experience like that AND I've met other balanced sane people in real life who have seen the EXACT same thing... you say hmmm something isn't right here... there is some big time LYING going on... because the real thing I saw is supposedly NOT part of the "real world"...

You don't have to look very far from the sensationalist USELESS mainstream media to find out what is really going on these days... although there is a ton of bullshit to wade through as always... but it's out there if you are open enough and savvy enough to see through the lies...

LIARS view the TRUTH as a THREAT... so if you were a LIAR and in CONTROL you would want to label the TRUTH-teller a TERRORIST and ERASE them and everyone and everything that has to do with them from history... before the internet THIS WAS EASY and it's happened many times... BUT today if you pay attention and do what you can to be aware and communicate with others this ERASURE won't happen...

I've seen and experienced a myraid of bizarre things that are supposedly "not real" but all of those things will be addressed at a later date in my later films... I have to build a reputation as a "sane individual" right? before I start dropping the insane truth on MUTHAFUCKAS!

So I hope Wikileaks survives the storm and will always be out there for people who do not blindly accept what is told to them as truth and want to see for themselves...

If you followed what was going on in Iran on Twitter during the elections you SAW the discrepancy...what was REALLY happening and what was HIDDEN from view from the masses... and what was written about it after by the "media".... If you didn't seek it out and look for yourself you missed it and you got served the LIES on a platter... something similar is going on now with Wikileaks as the powers that be try to ERASE Wikileaks and all they data...

So I say take a close look for yourself and make up your own mind... and if you have a means too... do something about it!

If the rigid ideology you've accepted as your deferred truth will not allow you to see outside of it and make up your own mind for YOURSELF... well friend... turn the *MEDIA PLAYING DEVICE back on or go back to the *PLACE OF WORSHIP ^_^ They'll gladly keep making your mind up for you till the end of time.


  1. really good read, M.
    you always have those entrancing biographical tidbits that are so exciting but you never finish telling them. haha, i know you have to save them for use in later projects but DAMnN, wish i cUD know... ya know?

  2. really good read, M.
    you always have those entrancing biographical tidbits that are so exciting but you never finish telling them. haha, i know you have to save them for use in later projects but DAMnN, wish i cUD know... ya know?

  3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Nazis and Egyptian propaganda
    and then Egyptians invented the lamp
    we make androids Nexus


    diftron Universitiy
    I had implants everywhere..I was a hacker there and they've put me into jail..cuz I broke their machines

    Or you just think like the creator of Zeitgeist that person who doesn't agree with him that one is mentally ill?

    "I think God wants me to be a President" does this relate to God?
    "I was elected by God's providence, to stand at the head ..." God has elected W. Bush ? or people elected him?
    what's the problem with that?

    cyberwar Sin Tzu like people calls it here is going on the long time

    what is rigid? God is rigid?
    I don't watch TV
    They're are showing God on Tv?

    I know the government through the media creating SUPERREALITY pulling the strings of pop divas over sub-reality many years ago
    but I was always wanted to ask and that what I've meant all the time you in the sub -reality the trees are not real?
    which one of all? Somebody's telling me? ok and now as I am here maybe I will smack this fawking tree and we'll fall into another dimension ?
    Tesla and the Philadelphia experiment
    ok.. I don't have right HZ .. still not this Frequency
    I probably need another generator system

    I still search for Scan the code under the skin here ..and see nothing

    when WikiLeaks 'll put an Ufo -files out there it will be late
    OHh mutated cyberdroids was always normal

  4. no critics no..just people never get me right ..I just can't understand if I has traveled trough time and space it somehow relates to God?

  5. you could answer M., Im gonna leave today

    I was asking you dark or not? cuz in thing I saw you led us to where was shining something....and a lot of human though ye know that
    (and now I think maybe it was a TV ) lol..but
    I knew you were not there not here
    who're you I knew
    so I wanted just to know where do do we go..

  6. cuz when the person not this not that
    ya know we can go everywhere lol

  7. that's why I was asking in my small small comment that nobody doesn't even noticed what has happened in NYC
    ..balloons! lol

  8. I Think this topic in particular is really interesting. If i'm not really into making a revolution or somethin', information is the power that the people has in order to avoid abuse. From my personal point of view, i don{t completely believe what i hear or see, i always question for myself first and i don't accept any theory as the universal truth, i find it hard to entirely believe the words of the humankind, if i still believe that there is a god that all sees, i doubt the religions know the truth about ït" cause they use more like a set of rules to control the behaviour of people, all we can the elder do is teach the youth to think for themselves, and always seek for the truth at all moments, the world needs children with blazing passion and spirit, but that are aware that the world needs them, if we want to make changes, let{s change first ourselves, then awaken the people that surround us from their deep dream, and little by little, the world will start to change.

  9. I like that they have compared Assange to James Bond villains.

    Simplistic journalistic minds.

    ... with the new knowledge of "the poison pill" out there I think a fitting comparison is Ozymandias or
    Rorschach from "The Watchmen".

    or a combination of both..... interesting..

  10. lol people of Earth please lol
    for whom which world is real
    I think if we erase I da know which % of ceremonial functions half of the concepts will just lose their meaning..
    I see mistakes in words
    it's like Reyori asked me why are you so adamant? stubborn? yes I was always brilliant xD in my "good " understanding of language lol..

    I've seen all space in waves particle? what means particle?
    Now physicists eat each other with the anger
    particles or waves ?
    or particles and waves?
    lol what do they really know about waves?

  11. There is a quote by MlK Jr that I believe with my whole heart and it goes something like this...

    "The arm of history is a long one, but at the end it always bends towards justice"

    In the end, good will defeat the shitty evilness of evile...

    Thanks for posting this M


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