Assimilation: SUPA RANT ^ ^

If you as a lone unique artist views the rest of the normal world as the BORG trying to assimilate you the world will probably make a little more sense to you... and its easier to see who is friend and who is enemy...

Usually if you go out and create something totally different from what everyone else is doing you'll find that it is usually met with a lot of resistance and people will try to talk you into doing something a little less "extreme" or "different" and more like so and so who is already famous or established er some shit.... THEY ARE TRYING TO ASSIMILATE YOU...set PHASERS TO GTFO! ^ ^

Everyone pretty much walks the same path and they want you on it too so you can bitch and moan about all the same things...nothing that MATTERS mind you but just random chatter to pass the time... the weather... pop culture... politricks... team sports... since the borg are just relay nodes that are part of a larger whole...they generate no original thoughts or impulses of theY own...they simply relay, repeat or retweet what has been passed on to them from another node or the hive mind itself...


Ever wonder why religious nuts never say "I SAY" or "I THINK" or "I BELIEVE" its always "THE (insert religious text here) SAID" or "(Insert Holy figure" SAID" They are just relays... they lost theY ability to generate theY own original thoughts or impulses...they traded a false sense of security for they own unique essence when they were assimilated... I got into so many ridiculous arguments when I was in college as I was a loner and various religious relays would try to recruit me into being assimilated... they would quote "holy" books and the like when arguing with me and I would always say "Well what do YOU think? I want to know what YOU think and believe" and they never had an answer...instead they sent someone that was higher up the chain with more "authority" I guess to come and persuade me but I presented them all with the same argument and they never had answer for me...

This is what I argue for here on my blog about FILM and about ART I want to know what YOU think...what YOU believe and what YOU FEEL... NOT the BORG...not the hive mind! When you express yourself AS YOU ARE, regardless of its relationship to the BORG you are being REAL...

When random screenwriter X(apostle) writes a torture porn script that producer Y(Prophet) told him to write because Studio D(Gawd) commanded it he SHALT NOT QUESTION THE WORD OF GAWD! If the script causes any negative effects in the world the lowly screenwriter is not at fault as the LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS apparently 0_o So it is a deferment of responsibility that goes back to an uncanny, ephemeral source that cannot be held accountable for these apparent decisions... HOW CONVENIENT ^ ^

So everyone that has been assimilated has convinced themselves that they HAD NO they want to assimilate you so that you cannot succeed on your own as a rogue element... and if they are unable to assimilate you they usually will just pretend you don't exist and sometimes even try to destroy you...

Assimilation is all around us... if you ever felt pressured by any group or organization to change... to please or appease them and theY dogma they were trying to assimilate you....

Its as simple as... you go hang out with three new friends... they try to get you to do things or act a certain way that is NOT YOUR WAY with the threat of abandoning or shunning you and even attacking you in various ways...

It scales up all the way to the top...

In film/arts/media... $$$$$$ is GAWD... so many before you and those that surround you have already been assimilated by that gawD... its a gawd that promises everything if you follow it... security, happiness, friends, love, fame, sex, shiny things, comfort...  and ON THE SURFACE it would seem that the people who were assimilated and were subservient to that GAWD have all those things... BUT when I stare deep into they flinching, wincing, blinking eyes I see quite the contrary...If you and your peoples are non drug addicted poor or middle class people don't all these rich famous people seem totally insane and fucked up? The d00ds selling crack downtown don't scare me... but the psycho lookin doped up on med's middle aged guys in suits coming out of the church sure do 0_0

I had a long discussion with a good friend about these things tonight and we agreed that even though people around us try to assimilate us we've gone this far in life without being assimilated so why turn our back on the path that has brought us so much happiness and joy? WE WON'T... we already placed our bets and we're going to win this game... and besides once you've felt your own skin and lived in it for awhile and like it there's no way you can go and be assimilated... when I was teenager I listened to a ton of Jimi Hendrix... here's some lyrics from "If 6 was 9" that always stuck with me...

White-collar conservatives flashing down the street
Pointing their plastic finger at me.
They're hoping soon my kind will drop and die,
But I'm gonna wave my freak flag high . . . HIGH!

If the mountains fell in the sea,
Let it be, it ain't me.
Got my own world to live through
And I ain't gonna copy you.
 Falling mountains just don't fall on me
Point on mister Buisnessman,
You can't dress like me.
Nobody know what I'm talking about
I've got my own life to live
I'm the one that's gonna have to die
When it's time for me to die
So let me live my life the way I want to.
So if you become assimilated and make $$$$ yer god... you ARE THAT BUSINESSMAN I done thinK...

The borg want's people to believe more $$$$ = more happiness, more freedom, more love, more sex... whatever carrot they are dangling in front of the horse with the blinders on...

NOW the borg is LYING... you can try to buy happiness, love and freedom... you can buy sex and feel pathetic about it... as it is pathetic... then you can buy yourself something to try to feel better about that but it doesn't make you feel better so then you get on med's to deal with that... and the cycle continues...

The problem with the equation is that people are conditioned to value themselves based ON WHAT THEY OWN and how much currency they have EARNED... so how many men have found love after thoroughly impressing an educated, cultured, and beautiful woman with the "BADASS SHINY TRUCK" they bought?

Real people that are capable of really loving someone don't give a fuck about what you bought! They care about YOU, and you are not what you own...

So being assimilated is a LOSE LOSE situation if you ask me....

Why not value yourself on WHAT YOU CREATE? Why not value yourself because you are an exceptional individual rather than just being like the billions of others except with a shiner car or bigger house? It feels a lot better to be YOU then it is to squeeze yourself into the standard one size fits all badly, mold...

Now I'm going to argue that if you remained an individual and were never assimilated in the first place... perhaps you wouldn't have all the $$$ but I bet you would still have that pure free range happiness ^_^ I agree with the popular notion that "The best things in life are free" and it seems as if that is widely agreed upon so why is everyone trying to buy happiness?

I think it's because they FORGOT what life was about... LIFE isn't about DOING WHAT YOUR TOLD... LIFE is about finding HAPPINESS and holding onto it... FIGHTING FOR IT... freedom is a big part of happiness I've found... and if you become assimilated you will never know true freedom... psychological freedom, spiritual freedom...

It seems many people see some Yogi speak or something and sort of "remember" what life is supposed to be about BUT that wears off in like an hour and theY back on the hamster wheel... they are assimilated, they become a part of the machine and when it fires up its pistons they snap right back into line...

Since I'm a stubborn bastard I try to help my friends who are artists however I can with my spirited rants ^ ^

I can't have A_BEER with all of you if the borg is on yer back tryin to crush you and you want some psycho words from M doTs... so I do what I can here to be a psycho ^ ^


  1. thanks m dot. these posts of yours always help me as i'm struggling to get a new project of the ground. it's always hard for me to remember that fame and fortune do not equal success as an artist.

  2. "God money I'll do anything for you/
    God money just tell me what you want me to/
    God money nail me up against the wall/
    God money don't want everything he wants it all/ Bow down before the one you serve/ You're going to get what you deserve." - Nine Inch Nails' Head Like a Hole

  3. Fuck they zeitgeist - It be soul crushing shite!

    All the best from yr fellow weirdo in 'bonny' Scotland!


  4. These lads were also being 'assimilated'. Though I dont know what to (and after a while they didnt either)

  5. I'm always getting more and more people trying to get me to believe in Christianity and i'm like "NO" but they're always up in my face so i started researching religions so i could come up with an argument to make them GTFO and this is what i came up with
    "I don't solidly believe in any sort of God but i don't really care how do you know god wants people who worship him to no end in churches every sunday instead of people who just want to live their lives in peace like me and your just in here hateing on me for it... funny if i remember right jesus taught to love everyone no matter what and to treat each other with respect... i never insulted your beliefs or recall asking you to change yours based on my thought that your wrong so kindly leave and stop being ignorant"
    i haven't been bugged by anyone about religion since

    i've always just tried to live out the way i wanted to
    Making a movie is on my list of things i want to do
    So why can't people just leave me alone about that? i've gotta go buy the latest games and play all night long and drink energy drinks and get high with you? no that's not me
    I'd rather die alone with all my dreams failed then to live a life like that

  6. Why is it every time I check-in here it feels like you're writing about my life - on the hamster-wheel...LOL Great reference to Hendrix - I grew-up listening to him (yes, I'm THAT old) Anyways - I think those of us who want "off the hamster wheel" need a plan of action. I wish I had one. Sure, I can just quit and walk away, but what about the rent, utilities and health insurance? That stuff requires 'Patron in my cup!' How do I stop sucking off the udder of Corporate America's Cash Cow and still live a decent life? This is my quandary.

  7. M dot, I think you might wanna read this: New Rules for Writers.

    It talks about the system, publicity, audience and such. I think you'll like it.


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