Compositing Completed ^ ^

So I just finished compositing the last shots just now...

So it'll take about a week for them all to you can see rendering is a bit behind...
Once they are all done rendering... I'll import all the 10bit Sheer rgb mov's for all the shots and render them out to Pjepg mov's... then I'll watch them all and make notes for errors...and after they are all reviewed I'll fix the errors and re-render them... but all that should not take very long..perhaps a day or two...

So it took me about a month to comP all 1660 shots... the only time it slowed down was on shots where I had to add in practical elements to enhance fx... like on gunshots, things bursting out of the ground etc... I shot my own little library of practical fx awhile back with my lil Canon hf100... BUT I only used about %10 of them as most of them I shot the wrong way... I shot most of the elements too close.... I should of done wider shots so I could use them like sprites instead of elements that fill the screen... those aren't very next time I shoot practical elements I know exactly what to do so they will be really useful...

I ended up doing secondary color correction for almost every shot, relighting them with heavily feathered masks on colored solids set to add mode...which look GREAT in 32bpc...

I'll definitely do a video tutorial where I comp a shot from the film from start to finish to show you my techniques and little tricks... I'll pick one where I did all kinds of tricky thangs with track mattes and stuff... You can do A LOT in After Effects with just a beauty pass, a depth pass and your 3d camera from yer 3d scene... BUT if I did it again I'll render a material luminance pass too...

For the most part everything looks great...cept for the lighting in some sequences in the middle of the film so its probably a good thing I did them in order... every set is a challenge to light and try to get perfect...I won most of those battles but a few were stalemates .... I MIGHT challenge them again if I have time and feel its necessary after reviewing all the renders...

So I'll do a whole lot of rendering for about a week then get some music and cut a trailer ^ ^


  1. Your persistence and dedication is really inspiring.

    Congratulations! Looking forward to eventually seen it when available.

    p.s. your tutorials have been really helpful, I was originally plating to use ToonBoom animate, but I feel at a stretch i could now use Cinema. So thanks for that.

  2. I'm keeping quiet, but I'm still keeping an eye on you ;]

    looking forward to the trailer, M.

  3. hey mdot whats that program that yr using to to keep track of your comping, is that file maker pro?

  4. @Jelly

    Its like the super easy, cheap version of filemaker called "bento"... Its REALLY easy to use.. I'm using for the website info for the film and the voice acting progress too

  5. @nietaki

    Beware you live?! ^ ^ Sup Jacek! Best to you my friend!


    Great! use it everyday for a week or two and Cinema4d feels really natural and easy to use me thinks... and I'll be finishing my tutorials series as well...hmmm maybe I should do that now as I'm waiting for renders...

  6. Yes! yes! more tutorials...are you making any kind of lipsync?

  7. I bet sending that last shot to the render queue felt really good!


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