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The only news I heard out of Sundance this year wasn't about any films or like how great they were or anything... it was about Kevin Smith's self distribution plan... I watched his Q&A which you can see here...

I feel the same way about most everything he said about the film biZ.... and although I was never a part of it I figured as much from my brief interactions with film industry "professionals"

So I opted out and self distributed WATS with Jamie formerly of FilmBaby now of INDIEBLITZ....

As far as the HOLLYWOOD types went...I didn't want to waste my life, time and energy with such useless, clueless people who don't know how to do anything except throw money at problems and hope they get fixed... IF I would have played they game and got into I BET I WOULD STILL BE IN MEETINGS NOW trying to negotiate making my next film... BUT I said FUCK ALL DAT NOISE IMMA MAKE A NEW FILM! and BLAM I've got one! AND thanks to word of mouth or somethin? I still get lil checks from DVD sales every month even to this day... Amazon's algorithm's show no favoritism to big films which I like ^ ^

I would love to do a screening tour with my new film but I don't think I have a big enough audience to warrant such a thing... so I'll work my way up in small by film...

I'm like %99 art %1 business and schmooze...

With HSM I'm really going to try to break out and do some different things... which you will see with the trailers and stuff ^ ^ WHICH will be released at the end of next month.


  1. 0_0 Paprika? ^ ^ :P

    wut izzit a banana oil I can just put WATS into to the academic theater as an example of stop motion, still rotate that dead Fellini, who gives a fawk about Fellini
    neh, Im seriously

    why wouldn't you make a little WATS song that will be known all over the world?
    something as.. WATS up ^ ^
    that will help communication
    + it could be that fast

  2. Why don't you ask your audience if they are big enough to do a screening in, say NY, or LA?

  3. It would be nice to screen your work publicly. But i guess when you're so far underground and trying to push the envelope so much, it takes a little while for audiences to catch up.

    For films like yours it's like a chain reaction. At my art school WATS has already reached cult status, with some of the media arts peeps sharing it around with films like Tetsuo and that really messed up version of Dr. Caligari from the early 90's.

    Even if you don't screen HSM when you release it, i've got no doubt you'll have the audience you'd need in 10/20/30 years time.

    If you do end up screening it soon though, You could always hijack some warehouse, get a projector and a few casks of red wine. It'd be just as awesome and probably cheaper than hiring a real cinema. :D

  4. We should build a Humongouse peojector
    and get and audio feed going through the intertubes
    and project your move on the moon
    makes perfect sense to me
    might even make those alien guys happy

  5. 'bout time if you ask me. Huge Kevin Smith fan, but he's very much an independent filmmaker, and I have no clue why he's worked under that fat guy's finger for his entire career. I'm assuming it has something to do with the fact he's been able to do pretty much whatever he wanted, but Mallrats is the perfect example of Hollywood's want to stay a step behind.
    Selling movies is a stupid thing to do now days. You make all your money from DVD sells now days. Theaters are a dead thing. You proved this YEARS ago. You're SO ahead of your time, Sir. These rich guys are FINALLY figuring something out that you figured out like YEARS AGO.
    I'm stoked to see what he's going to do distributing his own shit now. Stoked.

  6. Yo mdot, I need to pick your brain about a "distributor" I was talking to today... do you have skype?...

  7. @nodelete

    We're contacts on skype now- so let me know when yer around for a chat


    Yeh I think those two spots should be doable!


    Yeh thats a good idea...either someone here on in the survey I did mentioned that I should release an "exhibition pack" so people can do they own screenings and the like


    Thats seems like a good idea for the "iron sky" premiere ^ ^


    Yeh I mean I don't have the money or the marketing cash behind me...but when I saw a lot of those mainstream d00ds wanted to control they own movies and sell and market them how they wanted to...I was like OH I can already do that... BUT having a studio pump millions of dollars into promoting your first movie doesn't hurt your chances once you go solo ^ ^

  8. Mdot: cool... I'm around my computers most of the time ;) so give me a shout whenever...


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