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So I finished the rough cut of the first 20 minutes... Before teh discussion lets look at Walter Murch's priority list for making a cut...

1. Emotion - How will this cut affect the audience emotionally at this particular moment in the film?

2. Story - Does the edit move the story forward in a meaningful way?

3. Rhythm - Is the cut at a point that makes rhythmic sense?

4. Eye Trace - How does the cut affect the location and movement of the audience's focus in that particular film?

5. Two Dimensional Place of Screen - Is the axis followed properly?

6. Three Dimensional Space - Is the cut true to established physical and spacial relationships?

Now for HSM I'm assuming the music IS the emotion... it is the natural emotional flow so if I cut to the music I am cutting on emotion...

I already cut out a ton of "cool shots" because they were not moving the story forward in a meaningful way... they were just saying "look what a kewl shot I R!" and since I don't want to make SET PIECE:THE MOVIE PART II: COOL SHOTS I gutted them mophukAZ!  This is a tough one because since you animated everything and did all the shots you want to look at them and feel all proud of yourself BUT that is the job of your DEMOREEL not your film....

Also the music is the strongest rhythm, the dialog another... and the cinematography I must balance all three...

As for 4-6 I don't look for those consciously... If a cut feels wrong then I do something about it... but since every shot was boarded and planned out to fit with its surrounding shots I don't have to think about these decisions much... So I'm not too concerned with technical issues.... its more the pacing and the flow AND whether you will be able to understand wtf is going on or not... Endika and I discussed getting a few people together who know nothing about the film and have them watch some segments then ask them questions to see whether they can follow it or not... so yeh we're probably going to do our own little focus groups ^ ^


  1. use those shots you cut for a trailer. waste nothing!

  2. use the cut video to play left and right during the credits ... will keep people watching till the very end.

    where you can place a teaser for your next idea/film ... hehehe

  3. I was reading this interview the other day, i can't remember who he was but he said something like, "film has 3 rhythmic elements: motion in front of the camera, motion of the camera, and the cut. The cut is like a kick drum, defining the overall pace. The other two are like snare and toms- secondary paradiddle elements between the marking of the beat.'

    .... DRUM SOLO

  4. hey M, are you editing on premier?

  5. @Kid

    Yeh on Premiere Cs5 AND I just learned something about it... the OMF/AAF export is broken when you have a sequence with a bunch of audio tracks for music and dialogue like when you uh make a film... So there's no good way to take your edited multitracks into Logic/Pro Tools/Nuendo without manually soloing and export each audio rack BUT you dont get the handles when you do that and it creates one big audio track

  6. @M

    That´s just dumb. CS5 was really kinda lame, like you have soundbooth, im not 100% sure but I think premier files can be exported to soundbooth as OMFs. Perhaps the soundbooth to OMF export works on Protools, as oppossed to the original premier one....?


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