No more games kids + comp progress+ fake artists

 This blog's comments section and my email box are not a playground for irrelevant cypher's and attempts at creating internetS drama. Filmmaking is SERIOUS BUSINESS ^ ^ So I prefer to spend my time and energy doing that... and I'm sure most people would like me to do that instead of getting emails and going wha?! huh?!  for like 5 minutes....

 Soooooo there's only like 100 more shots to composite! So if I go nuts I could finish it tomorrow OR the next day if there's a lot of tweaking to be done... BUT it's going to be great to have it all rendered and put on a backup drive and placed in a safe deposit box so I can sleep at night 0_0 I'm always like WHAT IF?!?!? as its kinda scary when a few years of yer life are sitting on some hard drives...

So as I'll start editing soon... a new phase so I'm like OH yeh gotta get back into editing, read some books and the like... but reading about editing is like reading about dancing... its all about the feel and the rhythm so I'll just trust my instincts and let the music guide me... SPEAKING of that Endika is supposed to give me the first chunks of music starting on the 10th... I can't wait to hear the amazing stuff he's created in his secret lab...

Whenever we meet up now we talk about everything BUT the film... its like after a year or so we came to this understanding and we're totally on the same page in regard to the film... it involves a lot of faith and trust...something I don't put in very many people... but I've put all my trust and a ton of faith into him because I KNOW what he's capable of doing...

I've constantly been let down by other people calling themselves "artists" or whatever.... which is why I work alone with a bunch of computers... I understand its difficult for people to get over themselves and make it about the work especially today in the ME ME ME world of Facebook and the like...

If your an artist... its NOT about US its about the WORK... I know that contradicts todays world that tells you ITS ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK BECAUSE YER SO KEWL.....its not about how I FEEL or YOU FEEL its about the WORK and what it expresses... your thoughts and feelings are NOT your ART... its not about what you express or how you express it... you can scream and cry and cut yourself all you want that doesn't make you any more creative or interesting to the world who is seeking out art... it just gives you an excuse NOT to make work....

Why are artists stereotyped to be like self destructive drug addict freaks? There are people like that BUT they are not artists... their just wannabe's...they couldn't hack it making the work so now they have a great excuse not to... and a dramatic sob story to go along with it... I've found the people who are the most dramatic in real life FAIL when it comes to art because they get in the way of the creation... creating everyday is a job like any other... you can get a ton of tattoo's and piercings and cool hair, have unprotected sex with homeless people on your desk and smoke meth with gangsters but your still never be .00000001 as awesome as this guy ^ ^
Tezuka Osamu
It's about the WORK that you COMPLETE...  Tezuka drew manga 18 hours a day for like 30 years straight... his last words were "please let me work I beg you!" That's a real ARTIST right there!

I've been able to complete the things that I've done so far because I put all my time into my work... and I'm not going to change that...

No more games its time to WORK... Real life/Internet drama seems like a great excuse to not do what your supposed to be doing but in the end it just wastes your time and life... So if your just in it for the drama quit pretending to be an artist and go get a reality show or something else more suitable...

I make work and I want to help other's make work... there's plenty of other blogs to comment on and tons of other people to contact if your looking for drama... but this blog isn't the place and I am NOT that person.

I'd like to hear your thoughts/comments/recommendations on the subject... please let me know why you read this blog so I know if I'm crazy or not...thanks!


  1. I read your blog because you inspire me and 9 times out of 10 you get me up off my fat lazy ass and get me back to work. But you have to realize, because of who you are and what you share here, you are a magnet for the mentally unstable. I'm surprised it hasn't happened before now. Maybe it has and you haven't talked about it. Regardless, it comes with your territory. There are ways to deal with it, I chose to move my blog from blogger to my own website so that I could have more control over the "stalker freaks" access to me. So far, this has worked very well. Sorry Dude - Sorry this is happening to you.

  2. Allright i'll stop messin around
    I get the message!

  3. I read this blog because you open your thoughts to the world here, and every post always seems to be encouraging or challenging to me.

    I have a hard time describing myself as an artist, but you seriously are one of my inspirations to continue pursuing my own projects and ideas in the face of all this "life sucks, face it" talk I'm getting from a lot of family.

    I may not always comment, because I sincerely wouldn't have anything better to add most of the time... just know you've got me as a regular reader. Don't let a few kids on the innernet get ya down!

    Keep up the great work, M Dot, THE END IS NIGH!

  4. I read your blog because someday I'm going to make a film of my own, and I want to study what works and what doesn't work for one-man teams. That way once I start production, I'll have a more realistic view of what it will take to get the thing done, marketed, and sold to fans.

    Keep up the solid work.


  5. I read this blog because it reminds me to stay hardcore after I have been doing my art for several hours, that I can do it for a bit longer. I would get on the computer and mess around and then look at this blog, and go "What am I doing?" then I would turn it off and get back to work, because I know that there is someone else out there getting better while I fool around (As you pointed out in the previous blog)And of course to also get news on the progress on HSM, but even if there was no news on it, I would still come back, just to hear what you have to say, other people out there, and I can better say what we want to say.

  6. I'm totally addicted to facebooks but at least mostly communicating with real life/art/noise peoples during boring times at workkk when i wouldn't be able to be doing any real art anyway... -__-;;;

    Reading your blog for over 9000 x inspirations + can't wait to see the film! ^____^

  7. M dot, I like reading about your creative process, your ideas and your film philosophy. I also like the stories from your past. Sometimes I visit your WATS blog and read the earlier posts just to see where your head was at during that time.

    If it wasn't for your blog I probably wouldn't have read Linchpin or The War of Art. I look forward to HSM.

  8. i read your blog because every post is a lesson or life, or a reminder to not give up, and it lets me interiorize with your work and learn from it.

    For a long time i said i would become better when i do this and that, and after my career i would make all this great stuff, but i know realize that if i want changes, if i really want to see results, i have to get myself to work, to learn, and i don't need a teacher for that, i have all the resources that i need and i must put my hands to work with what i have if i want to materialize my dreams.

    Thanks M for all these lessons, i take your words seriously and i'll do my personal best to become a better artist everyday.

  9. Looking for inspiration and knowledge I come here every week and never felt desapointed. Keep on the work and fill the world with little M dot animators, think of this people like your "sons" as much as your film. Cheers

  10. I honestly can't say much more. Everyone else here has already said it. You're an inspiration and remind people to get off their asses and back to work. We come here because you make quality material, even in your blog posts. Keep up the good work, M dot. We got your back. :)

  11. I FIGHT FOR JUSTICE IN A WORLD looks pretty nice

  12. @all

    Ok thanks for the feedback ^ ^ That's why I write here and I will continue to do the same... best wishes to all of you on your creative endeavors!

  13. I read your blog, because im ineresed in what thoughts you have threw your work process, Damn Fro reading this post sounds like some people where giving you retarded as drama, its good you stay away from shit like that, Drama wastes time.

  14. Cool to see the film getting done... can't wait to see it, how about a little sneak peek in the meantime? A trailer or a clip ;)

    Hopefully you haven't progressed too far beyond my own skills otherwise I'll have to ratchet things up another 9001%... (and considering the stuff I'm doing now makes all my old films look like crap ;)

  15. hey mdot, i read your blog and i check it every day, you know why? because you think outside the box and your 'not normal' , yes, i came to terms that being 'not normal' is the the most normal thing to say about the people who express their original thoughts and emotions, not those people who are just an extension of others people thoughts and being like sheep copyng each others and make superficial statements thinking is it good to say this, what will people think, if this is normal in the eyes of most people then i'm glad i'm 'not normal'.

  16. I came across your work on CGtalk. I remember it was something about one man film projects and I always hated people on that sight always saying "it can't be done this" and "it can't be done that"

    I always wondered why? Why with all the talent these guys weren't making anything.

    Then when they made something it was always, always some short. "yeah we took 2 years and 20 guys and made this short"

    Then you cam along...and bam showed them it can be done and it doesn't take 10 years going solo or millions of dollars wtih a high profile team.

    You could do it all by yourself and in your room for almost no budget.

    I said to myself "I have to see what this guy is about"

    Then I found out you use C4d and had tutorials, I had to follow cause not that many great c4d tutorials out there.

    Then you write about character and story and really inspired me to think outside the box and challenge myself to create something differant.

    You like Osama Tezuka. That is cool.

    I mean why not read your blog. It is awesome. Everyone should read your blog. PUre inspiration.

  17. Thanks for showing me The War of Art btw, it's an amazing book, :D

  18. @Shawn: haha CGTalk...I probably started one of those "one guy can do it!" threads, I've participated in a few of them. My favorite was a bunch of people going "it can't be done!" "it's totally impossible!" and then Jeff Lew comes up in there with his Killer Bean movie and says "hey guys, I made this" and they STILL went "it can't be done!" @_@

  19. I started reading your blog because i liked WATS. Now I read it because in all honestly you sound like a sensei. And you are very passionate, very frank...and also i like that you ike writing about subjects that most people would dismiss as boring and too deep for everyday conversation, when in reality i think people don´t talk about it because of this invisible and unreal fear that they will be judged and not perceived as "cool" and to me, you accidentally actually prove the opposite....


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