You know people are always amazed when I tell them about how hard I work and for how long and they ask me how I do it... and in my head I'm like "DUH there's this thing called PASSION"

I live in the U.S. as you know.... and I'm always shocked to find out how many people are on anti-depression or anti-anxiety medication... because I know THOSE FUCKING THINGS KILL YOUR PASSION!

I haven't dug up the research but I'd bet that the countries that are revolting against they bullshit leaders right now have lower rates of anti-depression or anti-anxiety med use... it's like if your a guy and you get on that stuff its like removing your BALLS... come up against some opposition when your on med's... and you'll probably collapse in the face of it... you give up... you fold... you quiver and want to just run away and hide and wait till its over... in other words I believe those med's make COWARDS.

Where the fawk are the great passionate American artists? Freedom fighters? Rebels? Where is the passion? The only passion I see is the passion to chase a stack of money and that's it.... What about human rights? What about human interest? What about anything other than "I GOTTA GET MINE"? What about helping other people?

When I look around at my country I just see a bunch of ignorant out of shape consumer whore cowards playing with they phones and fucking with facebook all day... and I bet the lot of em are on those damn med's!

Those med's steal peoples soul's! And its not just ingest-able drugs...

I've seen peoples soul's stolen by TV... watching other peoples fabricated lives instead of making real friends and following they own dreams...

And MORE and MORE today I'm seeing peoples soul's being stolen by FACEBOOK... they ignore they families...they loved ones.....they friends.... they passion ....and just click on facebook every spare second... its really sad... children neglected... dreams fading...all for what? Just to self medicate? What a cowardly way to go out?!

So if your self medicating in some way and have lost your DRIVE....your BALLS... your GUTS... turn it around today and put down the med's.....

So if your on em and have a chance to get off... DO IT before your whole life passes you by and you realized you lived it as an escapist coward! You only get this life ONCE so stop being a fucking wimp and take life straight! FACE YOUR FEARS! That's the ONLY way to truly feel ALIVE if ya ask me.

I mean in art/film/music etc... people make the LAMEST shit these days... you think anyone is going to really look back and remember it fondly? "Remember that one video that guy with the c00 hair made that was a parody of that TV commercial?" FUCK NO "Remember that one song that was completely unoriginal and lacked any passion and all the human elements where sucked out and replaced by pitch correction and the destruction of the dynamic elements both energetically and technically?" FUCK NO "Remember that art that was a vectorized version of a photo with a popular slogan on it?" CAN I GET ANOTHER FUCK NO? FUCK NO! ^ ^

I mean once you learn about how we're getting scammed and pimped by the banks... and how the government here from the local level all the way to the top is corrupt and useless and antithetical to the common interests of the people (except if your a billionaire) Isn't it enough to PISS YOU OFF?! and make you want to do something about it? It sure pisses me off.... that I get treated like a runaway slave when the police stop me for no reason even though I have NO criminal record AT ALL not even a traffic ticket... and they could pull an Oscar Grant on you... detain you and execute you just because... and get off with a light sentence... When you know that its not the peoples interests that are being protected or promoted its the CORPORATIONS and the BANKS interests...

Once you know how many innocent people are slaughtered, maimed, raped, exploited and destroyed on various levels in the world today doesn't that make you want to do something to help? In any way you can?

I guess if your medicated you don't really care since your numb.

I'm an artist...I make films... so I put my concerns into my films...and that's how I can help.... help doesn't have to  = donating money like many would like you to believe... How would you help a person that is depressed or anxious? I mean why would people get on anti-depression or anti-anxiety med's? How would you help them?

When a person is depressed, anxious and/or confused... $100 probably wouldn't help.... but listening to them and talking to them earnestly with they best interest in mind probably would... real art is a elicits an inner dialogue in the viewer that hopefully starts other discussion between themselves and they world... maybe it even helps bring other people together as friends?

So we've got all these anxious/depressed people here YET no one talks to anyone in real life or forms meaningful friendships... instead they avoid eye contact and are terrified of other people in the real world so they hurry back to they digital bubble where its comfortable...sms'ing and facebooking, with they ipod... its really sad... no wonder they are all on med's...

The old bastards who have been running the real show in every country for so long FEAR every new generation because THEY KNOW... that one generation will be too smart and too savvy and not believe they LIES and they TRICKS...and they will stand up and fight and overthrow them... like what is happening right now in various places...So they suppress the younger generations in various ways to get them to SLEEP... if your a teenager now it's those MED's.... its FACEBOOK... for my generation it was TV... and for the longest time it's been organized RELIGION... there's an escape for everyone that's looking for one... get lost arguing about politics, sports, religion, celebrities...whatever....its all misdirection to keep you from your real TRUTH.

NOW this all relates to filmmaking and art... part of your motivation to create could be...because your disgusted with all the crap that's out there so you want to do something about it... you want to be heard... you want to have your say... and your SAY is not represented by any religious dogma, political party, cult or whatever.... what you have to say is totally how can you express it?! With your FILM...with your MUSIC....with your ART...

At our core's we are all unique! When you strip away all the layers of indoctrination, conditioning and programming you are a unique being! Most people merely accept "truth's" from external sources INSTEAD of discovering they own truths.... its much easier to swallow the pre-fab'd truths and again if yer medicated you always go the path of least resistance... the path of the slave... the path of the coward...

NOW to go out and CREATE and discover your own TRUTH's you've gotta be brave... and med's don't help with that...they hinder it.... so if your having those med's pushed on you and have a choice KNOW that that WHOLE world existed just fine without them for A LONG TIME and I believe it was better off without them!

Don't be a victim! Stand up and BE A HERO! We all have a STRONG inner HERO that wants to fight for things that are bigger than us... something much more than our own selfish interests... if you think not... then I believe you have already submitted and become a SLAVE... BUT can always take back your power and always its your choice.


  1. This reminds me... my writing has just taken off recently. I've stopped wasting as much time on projects that don't matter and devoting myself entirely to my passions. What changed? I went from a diet of junk foot to an all organic diet of protein and veggies.

    You could probably add to that list of things they use to keep us down - food. America has an obesity epidemic. Hard to pursue a passion if you can't walk up a flight of stairs without feeling winded. It's amazing what small changes will do.

    If anyone is interested in that subject, I suggest Michael Pollen's books and Tim Ferris's latest book.

    Thanks for keeping the faith m dot.

  2. Hell yeah! Speaking of Facebook, I posted this about a week ago:

    "No but seriously. In this day and age of technology and information how can so many of you remain sheep? Your patriotism is built on lies and bullshit. I'm all for the working class America, and I love my country as a place, but we live like kings only because we've stepped on so many people's heads to get to this point. We're the bad guys. Stop lying to yourself."

    The best response by far was the following:

    "Lol Andrew i love u but son u need and education."

    Of course that was someone I knew in the military. Big shock there.

    People are blind idiots, and unfortunately only a small handful of people are going to see your blog post, most of which will probably roll their eyes and go back to watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

  3. ps: There's numerous things that keep everyone down, such as drugs, food, or what have you, but no one's forcing people to do these things. People are keeping themselves down, the powers that be are simply supplying the tools to do so. There's always a choice. Hopefully if a handful of people can rise up with good intentions, maybe we can start actually developing as a whole, unfortunately, everyone who's ever made a stance and was actually heard has been violently murdered. I'm tired of sitting around listening to excuses such as religion or grudges or whatever the fuck. Religion isn't something that's hurting people, it's just something people use to hurt other people. Unless you can figure out a way to weed out every single corrupt piece of shit out there, there isn't much hope.

  4. @Brendon

    Totally! I forgot about that one! Yeh if you keep a person feeling horribly about them self by making them obese and unhealthy its much easier to break they will, control and manipulate them.... if they were to become healthy and confident they might actually fight back ^ ^


    True dat... Well I think as long as we have free minds and relatively free speech and modes of communication there's always hope to change things... as long as the oppressed will's are stronger than the oppressor there's always hope I sinK.

  5. I can verify personally what mdots says here. I wrote a blog entry a while ago about coming of meds i'd been on for 4 years.

    After a few years on meds I eventually i started enjoying sitcoms and really bad soulless movies which freaked me out because i had always hated stuff like that vehemently. I also lost a lot of my anger, which helped me get on with normal people easier, but the anger was also heavily linked with my creativity, and interest in finding and exploring new things and ideas. I also lost the burning feeling that's not quite passion but more competitiveness i guess, the desire to make greater work and be good enough to challenge your inspirations.

    Now after getting off the meds for a few months i can now work 12 hour days on my art and I have my passion for creating and finding new things back. The only prob is that if i stop creating even for a few days i get really depressed again, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    There are some people however who really do need meds, but these people would be in the vast minority of people actually taking them.

  6. Statistics say around here (Portugal) that 7 in each 10 are on drugs!!! That's maybe the only explanation why people keep voting on the same corrupt politicians or don't vote at all (50% last month elections for president).

  7. People with serious mental illness along with people with serious physical illness need to take medications. I think it's important to make that distinction. If someone is medicating just so they don't have to face their life or their feelings - that's a different story.

  8. My bro works in a pharmacy, he's constantly telling me about all these people that are coming in...young kids, in their teens or twenties, who are on high strentgh pain medications or antidepressants. It's absolutely ridiculous how easy it is to get them. You can go to a "pain clinic" in Florida and get loritab or oxycodone, fill it in FL, then fill it again if you're lucky in your home state, use what you want, sell the rest, etc. He's talking about making a documentary about it, which I think would be fantastic. Antidepressants and nerve relaxers are also a big prob, though I will say there are people who genuinely need them, my mom being one of them. She's dealt with depression all her life, but copes by gettin plenty of exercise and stuff like that. Eventually she needed meds, and they helped. I'm the kinda dude who won't even take asprin for a headache...

  9. GDP that's all are meds about

  10. Basically I agree, but it really depends on the meds. If you are REALLY depressed, you can't do shit. Let alone be creative.


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