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So I just finished reviewing all the finished clips for the whole film...

0_0 It's definitely intense and NUTS 0_0

All the "raw" footage combined is 3 hours and 25 minutes.... So I'll be cutting that down to 121 minutes for no reason other than because it is divisible by 11 haha

Of the 1660 rendered compD shots there was 37 errors I must fix and re-render now...all of them were just fx issues where I need to go back and pre-comp the bulk of the layers and just leave the adjustment layers with the grade and look on top... so its simple work... a few shots I must of forgot to render 0_o because they weren't in there...

So I'm gonna have my 1am lunch and get to work on that so I'll be ready to edit Monday....


  1. Ahh, finally things will come together quite soon! Haha, make shure you'll tag the dvd as the directors cut edition!

  2. 3h 25 mins... that's like.. over 9000 seconds... Isn't it a bit overkill to animate and render all those shots? I always animate pretty tight to my storyboard animatic so I'm not wasting time over-rendering shots.. and if I need to add stuff to get the pacing right..but I try not to cut out footage once it's rendered...

    The guy who did "Pigeon Impossible" re-started his film from scratch like 2 or 3 times, throwing away all his previous work.. which is why it took him like 4 years to make a 5 minute short... :(

  3. Congrats! What a trip to see your whole film rendered out. Be sure to save some scenes you cut so we can see them in the DVD special features!

  4. @Christoph

    Im sure I'll make an agonizingly long control freak director who can't kill his babies edition ^ ^


    Yeh what I did was follow the animatic but if I was in a scene in 3d I'd be like "what does the camera look like here" and I'd find all these alternate angles and stuff I would animate and render out... so I created new shots while animating as well.... and I added heads and tails to all the shots so that added time as well...


    Yeh its going to be interesting to shave it down and see what kind of movie is in there... BUT there are 4 prequel short stories I'm thinking of creating for the DVD from stuff I removed in earlier versions for the script as expect the 4 dvd special edition ^ ^


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