The price is right?

So a friend told me about this lil Mexican bakery that opens at 5am and since I live like a vampire I'm just winding down my day around 6am... So I ride my bike over there this morning and order some Jalapeno/cheese thing and these two little custard things... then I'm about to pay and I see something up on the menu called "Vampiro" ...its like a juice drink....its name seemed in line with what I should I order it... the woman rings it all up and NO LIE the total was $6.66... she seemed as surprised as I was...

Without saying too much....Really STRANGE things have happened to me all my life hence the monikeR... I've had a number of people ask me to tell them my true stories of the "spooky" variety only to have them ask me to stop a few minutes later ^ ^ I have YET to really tap into this in a film.... I start with HSM... BUT my next film will get into it much deeper...

You cannot have power over a thing if you are subservient too it...if you fear it... so to wield the power of darkness you can't fear it... because then you will oppose it instead of letting it flow through you... I believe as artists we should be conduit's for the light and the dark and all shades in between....ONLY THEN can you paint an accurate depiction of the world you exist in... and only then can you truly connect deeply with people...

Will your happy happy joy joy film connect with some orphaned kid with PTSD from Iraq? With your film with fake darkness resonate with some poor tortured soul was has been a victim of real darkness? Probably not.... Will your sane film speak to the "insane"? Not likely.... when you don't acknowledge these feelings/situations/emotions in your art I believe you are alienating people...making them feel as if there is something wrong with them... when there isn't... art is a mirror and if people can't see themselves in the mirror you create they feel like they are left out in the cold... outsiders looking in...

That's one of the reasons I really like animation... in my new film... the characters are not black or white... their kinda not even human.... but they vary greatly with they realness... so I hope there is a fragment of mirror for everyone... there are definitely fragments with those who tell tales from the darkside....

We all have a darkside... and we all have a little insanity.....if you acknowledge, accept and integrate it... I think you'll be better for it... If you fear it and reject will end up tearing your life apart just like if you let it totally consume you.... Kentaro Miura portrays GUTS darkside in BERSERK quite awesome as this psycho looking rabid dog... its all about balance me sinks... I just can't stand happy happy "feel good" happy ending shit...Or stories and things wrapped up so perfectly....NOT in the FUCKED/LOST/CONFUSED/DESPERATE/DEPRAVED world we live in now... its just...fake art... Its one thing to be true to yourself and its another to be true to the world you live in...

On my way to the bakery I ride past a fancy ballet school attended by rich kids whose parents line up and wait in they fancy cars to whisk they kids from such a REAL place cause on the other side of the street people live on the sidewalk... on the corner d00ds slang rocks... and some raggedy lookin creep rides by with a hoodie... hey that's me! See it all... accept it all...discuss it all... create it all... CONNECT with ALL...... well maybe not all... cause a lot of people fear anything with a lil hella real darkness in it... they will be eaten alive in life by the darkness inside of them.... so why not experience it through a film first? ^ ^

Muahahahahaaaaaaaaa COUGH.... I don't how its possible but HSM is HELLA EVIL and REALLY FUNNY at the same time 0_o Kinda like clowns.... AND actually there is a clown in it AND I think he may cause you to..... DIE.... INSIDE ^ ^


  1. yes, it's all about balance and it's a way for a struggle with psychosis

    and I was talking bout that too much before I thought you're different but you think the same as me
    but you talking bout fight a lot of and this confused me greatly

    but don't love them too much M.^ ^ or... ... ^ ^

  2. rigt before i read this i was editing the partitions on my second 80GB hard drive to store my files
    Ubuntu haveing 3 partitions that are all fairly small
    and the windows partition for space is 66.6GB's

    (lol my captcha says dingme)

  3. I watched this movie called The Doom Generation about a year and a half ago. I think that's what it was called... anyway, there's a scene where they're at a convenience store and their total was 6.66. I believe the number was used a few more times throughout the movie. When it ended I realized I was pretty hungry. I went to Jack and the Box and my total was fucking $6.66! I mean... I literally went to grab something to eat RIGHT after it ended. Despite my belief in God, the number doesn't mean all that much to me, but just the coincidence got me pretty pumped. I love when weird things like that happen. I was talking to this girl over the phone a lot, and we had a few strange situations where we just knew what the other person was doing. I'm not talking about what a 13 year old girl would label as "weird" either. Like I'd mention a band out of nowhere and she'd be staring at that same band on iTunes. I didn't even know she was on the fucking computer.

    Was that blood juice any good?

  4. PS: Anyone who's actually a good person should be able to look upon any sort of darkness and laugh at it. I love scaring people. Most of us are a bunch of scared idiots who just want to hide away in our holes waiting for the next episode of American Idol to air.

  5. @Andrew
    Hah i know exactly what you mean
    Some people will believe in almost anything when it comes to darkness
    especially teenagers
    so it's easy to scare away

  6. I'm so happy io thouight i'd tell everyone about this
    I just got so damn lucky
    my yearbook teacher asked me if i would film some things for winterfest in town and then I said yeah i'll do it
    and i met the girl that was giveing us the work
    And it turns out she's from Sundance and is in need to someone for 3D work so I just got my first 3D job and i'm getting a free copy of Adobe After Effects out of the deal

    This is the Happiest Day of My Life

  7. @Reyori

    Cheers man! Best luck to you.

  8. i have already Let The darkness out thats inside me, into my writing i have i bunch of stories i need to put into art, and of course its dark thats the best kind, I love Vengence in a very brutal way


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