Rendering: DONE

So all the composites finished rendering tonight...

So what I'm doing now is taking all the clips which are 10bit Sheervideo quicktimes... and I'm rendering them out as PhotoJpeg quicktimes for the offline edit... I simply have an ONLINE and OFFLINE folder with the same file structure and the quicktimes have the same names like in each directory so I'll cut with the offline then just switch the names of the folders to online ^ ^

So once I'm finished with this... I'll watch every clip and make notes on any errors... then I'll fix and re-render the bad shots... once that is done I'll copy all the final shots to a drive and put it in a safe deposit box so I can sleep better ^ ^

Then I'll import and organize all the clips into bins in Premiere and start editing!

So I'll be starting the edit on Monday...


  1. Hey M Dots
    what DPI do you usually render stuff out at?

  2. Awesome, Keep up the work, Can't wait to watch it ^^

  3. Well done! can't wait for the leaked edit to make it's way onto the internet! wait..

  4. Nice. Congrats on this big milestone!

  5. HOly crap! Congrats man, can´t wait to see this motha

  6. agh sweet so that's how you do offline.

    thanks mdots!


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