THEM people got GUTS!

Ya know the saying "NO GUTS NO GLORY"....

Recently in a few places...the people got fed up with the regimes running they countries in opposition to the peoples interests and tried to say GTFO....

If you followed what went on in Iran with the people trying to end the reign of a President whose lies are really only believed by the older generation who watches TV and believes mass media lies... once those old people die... the younger people will rise again and topple that regime...

If you saw what happened in Tunisia where they DID get the shitty "leader" to get out NOT after he stole %30 of the countries gold... BUT he's gone...

And now what's happening in Egypt... those people are really brave! THEY'VE GOT GUTS! AND I APPLAUD THEM ALL!

When you get pushed so far against a wall... you can either roll over and die OR FIGHT and they are FIGHTING!

In all of those instances the government enlisted the countries military to fight or control the PEOPLE... WAIT whom does the government SERVE? Isn't it supposed to be for the people? YET the people are telling the leader to GTFO so instead of listening to the people he supposedly serves... HE enlists the military to CRUSH the people are try to get them to GO BACK TO SLEEP(curfew) THE MILITARY that the people PAY FOR?! The government who is PAID FOR by the PEOPLE?!

HOW did our world get so FUCKED?! Who was on watch?! Oh that's right everyone was watching TV...or arguing about this religion vs that religion... this sports team vs that sports team... this celebrity did that celebrity... this political party vs that political party.....meanwhile someone stole the world ....its called MISDIRECTION... 

Our world is SO CORRUPT its totally FUCKING BACKWARDS and UPSIDE DOWN! AND if you can't see that it's because your head is either too far up your own ass or someone else's ^ ^

So in these time's ask yourself... WHOM DO YOU SERVE? and about the powers that be in your country... WHO DO THEY SERVE? WHO DO THEY ANSWER TOO? If the answer is not THE PEOPLE...then its time for them to GTFO!

If your in the U.S. or another "comfy" country and you say to yourself..."who cares what happens in x country... footballs on!"Your going to be in for a surprise cause people are going to revolt EVERYWHERE...  I know I for one am SICK of being pimped by the banks here...and treated like a runaway slave by the police... and I know TONS of other people are as well...

The sooner all us common people in the world realize that we're all the same WHEN all political/religious/blah blah and other MISDIRECTION TACTICs to divide and conquer us are removed...the better... we want the same basic rights and freedom's...we don't want to be pimped or treated like slaves.... we want the government's we PAY for to serve us and our needs... and NOT turn the police and military against us when we want our concern's voiced...

When a system gets so fucked up... there's no use in trying to save it... you just gotta have GUTS and do something about it! SO take note of the brave people out there in the world taking theY destiny's into they own hands!

We ALL can do that IF we stick together and know thine enemY... the day will come... what will you do?

In the U.S. most all of the older gen's still believe the hype.... they still watch TV and believe the mass media lies or get caught up in they misdirection traps cause they didn't have the internet when they grew up...they didn't have a place to find truth except the "Associated Press" and aint much truth there...... BUT THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE grown up with the internet...look around and pay close attention so when you grow up and are able to be the change you want to see in the world... you won't believe the lies and go back to sleep.... you'll do something about it!


  1. That's all I've been saying.

  2. I've been pretty much living in an anti reality bubble my whole life and just been not letting myself worry about anything in the world and jsut try and live my life
    but ever since i saw the g20 protest it's hard to ignore things as much now
    when i saw it i was like "oh fuck that's happening in my country O_o"
    i've been treated like dirt from cops before.... i don;t even know why i don't look like a reblious teenager i'm straight edge haven;t even had a drop of alchohol in my life (from bevrages desgined to get you drunk that is)
    I don;t have enough money for the banks to even care about me (lol)
    but the HST overe here's pretty fucking ridiculous the GST was only temporary to begin with so why they combined the GST and the PST is beyond me
    Even if we have a great healthcare system here in canada they keep takeing away more things from it
    the worlds nuts and i don't like to think about it
    but it's true ._.
    I'm too optimisitc i guess i keep thinking the worlds going to jsut get better but who knows really

  3. yes, the day will come when everybody will wake up, my country Romania has experience a bloody revolution twenty years ago when people stood up against communism, many people died when the military start shooting in the crowd and crushed by military vehicles, we capture the dictator and we shoot the motherfucker, twenty years after in our days we still don't know shit about what happened then, its like all of them woke up at the same time, that's the power of the people.

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  5. @Drainage

    If you have to ask me who "they" are then well just ignore this post ^_^

  6. The man. The fatcats. The capitalist pigs. The people who're there not for the benefit of others, but for their pockets. The selfish pieces of shit that think they run the world.

  7. @ drainage

    depends where in the world you're talking about? In the US it's be big oil contaminating drinking water, the government with the 'patriot act' pretty much shitting on your right to free speech and trial, the lobbyists for corporations infiltrating politics. and etc. the list goes on.

    @m dot
    i wish i was as optimistic as you man. I can't help but feel that the cycle will continue and continue until our race dies out. rebellion->'freedom'->slow slip into complacency->loss of rights/totalitarianism/'fascism'->rebellion.
    sometimes i want to become a hermit and live in the wild somewhere. then i realize i need to man up haha.

  8. @M dot Strange @Drainage

    well said. m dots strainge


  9. I'm a religous man. I'll tell you who everyone answers to....

    DA DEVIL....

    People think God controls the Earth and runs the Earth, you ask any Christian you meet and a good 95% believe God is in charge. They have been blinded even by their religion to believe things that are not even in the Bible cause some old preacher told them too.

    That is just the crack because you have social media, economic factors, political lies and all other factors in this world trying to blind people.

    It's like when the Titanic hit the iceberg. For the first hour or so they tried to tell folks nothing was wrong and that there would be a slight delay. Well that worked for a little bit till everyone realized the truth a little too late and started panicing.

    Those things happening in Egypt can snow ball to big things. Folks think they are protected here in the US and pay more attention to Kim Kardashian (yes her butt is hypnotic) than paying attention to the things going on around them. But it took one snowflake assasination in 1914 to start the whole War World.

    So here is kudos to you M Dot for being a wise man and seeing with an open eye.

    Bible myth #1 God is in control of this world.

    Rev 12:9 So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him

    2 Cor 4:4 among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds

    Luke 4: 5,6 Devil shows kingdoms he could give Jesus, and Jesus did not deny he owned them.

    1 John 5.19 The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one.

    Eph 6:11 . 11 Put on the complete suit of armor from God that YOU may be able to stand firm against the machinations of the Devil; 12 because we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly place

    Yup the dude runs the gov'ments. USA and Al Quaeda at the same time.

    This would make for a great movie.

    As for Egypt we'll definately see this play out on the world scale.

  10. I just don´t get how people can turn against each other. End of the day, politician, cops, bankers, they are all people. In a way. Like money that powerful, or power it that addictive? What is this system we complain about?

    Isn´t it made up of people? Humans.

    I think toppling the government is a utopian, violent, yet sometimes inevitable way to think of solving our respective countries´ problems.

    I think teh revolution comes from withhin. You come equiped with it since your born. People carry this torch, all you need is a spark to ignite it. When each of us changes from within, then will we see the world head in a better direction. And i think it is up to all of us who have the spark to pass it on and aweken those around us.

    And post like this help. In ways i don´t think you even get to see first hand. But they do m. so thank you.

  11. The Federal Reserve

  12. Media vs. First Amendment

  13. I'll tell you the truth M. my friend's parents live in the U.S.
    she came here are now very experienced says
    They tell me: why are you so poor if you work
    She says it is impossible to make lots of money on all we are working goes to the highly developed countries
    They say : it can't be
    they are so programmed

  14. I have actually been really impressed by the Egyptian people and how they have embraced the military. It's odd because they appear to be the neutral part of that country while the police (in uniform and street clothes) have been extremely aggressive towards the protesters. I saw a video of this Egyptian man taking a big bag of food over to a tank with troops in it. He set it out near the gunner, who kinda looked perplexed and then took the food. I wish all the best towards the protesters over there.

  15. @shawn


    as for THIS thread, we are all missing something here ....
    NO NEW POST or RESPONSE to this thread in like 2 DAYS !!!

    ....that means Mdot is hard at work on EDITING .... maybe that Trailer is coming quicker than we think !!!!

  16. @variant

    ^_^ The teaser trailer is already I'm working on the art book thing!

  17. You know what nikki? I think you re straight on. Some are more programmed than others. Ive seen it too. But not just because of their governments. Some by their famlies, other by their friends and their friends families. But most of all by themselves.

    I would kill for a collective refresh button, press it and start from zero . That way maybe there is a chance from that moment on every mistake made would be the product of our own personal fuck ups...not those of bakward minded BRATS that have controlled us for decades, centuries.

    A man called w buffet, crazy billionaire and one of the non assholes, said something about the children of olympic medalists. He said, giving money to the children of rich parents is as silly as giving gold medals to the children of gold medalist....its a cold analogy but it holds the truth behind the people that run the world today....they are the children of successful parents...SPOILED...and successful in the way the world has wanted us to see success for possibly the last 100 years...history written by tv, newspapers....MONEY

    But its reverting to a time where each man and woman was out for their own...a post apocalyptic landfill...that if you worked hard enough would get you real rewards...and working hard is not staying up fo coke and drinks at a tiitie bar, letting someone cash they way into your talent because they want something from you...we will fukcing own that shit...not because we are revolting slaves slaves...but because we are smarter....and thats what pisses me off most...they think they're gonna win....dude, we don't cheat not because we dumb...we know better....i have no doubt in my mind things will work out for the best...even if in the meantime other people will see me as crazy...seeing this shit live, in my friends, artists I admire as crazy, in places like egypt and burma and iran and australia and i bet alot more other places we don't even get to hear despite twittying the shit out of everything, places like this blog and with my family..the people i love. Because love is an important part of life. Even sometimes as important as hatin''. Even sometimes more. So go love. Thats all im saying.

    Oh yes and if your parents are crazy rich dont b a brat. Go make your own. You can do it. Everybody in the world can. Solo hacen falta HUEVOS.

  18. @ kid yeh love is that makes people happy, not money , yes.
    Actually, I do not think that money should be in nature, we can exchange goods for goods, so the way money is not a means of acquiring or economy,
    rational system of issuing of goods

  19. Amen brother. Couldn't have said it better myself (really, I couldn't xD).

    I've been away from this blog for a long time but I've been learning a lot since then. Been doing a lot of research, putting a lot of the pieces together. I have a much better grasp and understanding of everything you've been talking about forever now. Thanks for puting me on the right track. I hope to comment on here a lot more going forward.

  20. Want to also mention the role of wikileaks.

    Wikileaks showed the extent of corruption in Tunisia...and then Tunisian revolution.

    So then, egypt, also bubbling with anger from a corrupt ruler(who pocketed billions every year) is getting over thrown.

    Now i hope the power doesn't go to the wrong people, but it's about time western backed dicatorships fall down and we have democracies...preferably western backed.

    And i hope the moderate or secular wing of the brother hood is active...if they are in power.

    AAAhmed gives prayers to the people of egypt!d

  21. I hope it all doesn't break into a military dicatorship, but i have hope.

    Now, we have protests in the UAE and Iran is having a new round of protests.

    I hope this starts a fire across the middle east....


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