What do you want this blog to cover for the new film?

So as I'm getting ready to start publicizing the new film and shift the discussion over to it I'd like to know what kind of things you would like me to post about here...

I'm making a super basic site for the film which will have stuff about the story, characters, images, videos, making-of info etc... but that will be static once I put it up... I'm thinking you'll want some more in depth stuff here and things so you can follow the films journey and where ever it ends up ^ ^ ... so please let me know what you'd like so I can add it to my queue ^ ^

Making of stuff? Breakdowns?
Technical details? Workflow?
Business stuff?
Behind the scenes... in recording the music and voice actors?
How the film came to be what it is now?

I'd like to know what you want from a film's making of blog or whatever but haven't seen before... stuff that you think would be helpful to you in making your films etc...

Thanks for staying with me all this time and I hope you like what you see when I start releasing stuff ^ ^


  1. How about a tutorial or two on animating sword fight sequences?.... It's something I've been putting off for my own film but eventually it has to get done...

  2. hey mdot, what about bloopers, camera falling in the scene, swearing[bip] :P

  3. all the stuff you mentioned plus the inspirational side too. like keeping the ideas alive and the values you threw into the film. also it'd be cool to see what some of the solutions to the most challeging parts of the movie were

  4. Making of, behind the scenes, storyboards compared to scenes maybe. This would be the obvious choices and very interesting to read/look through.
    But then I think It would be mucho interesting to find out more about your one man band gig. And by that I mean aside the artistic challenges, different stuff like the funding of the film and getting all the administration stuff done by yourself and keeping a clear head and staying focused on your artistic vision during that.
    might be too sophisticated though, but I figure that there's a lot off stuff going on around the film that doesn't find it's way into it in a visible or audible manner, and still is vital to get the film done. I'd like to find out more about those things.

  5. i would definitely like to see the business side.

  6. Rigging info tutorials
    anything really
    how to make good useable rigs
    Cause mocca makes me want to cry
    and i think i might ;_;
    arms don't even bend that way!

    I'd also love to see the animatic
    knowing you that will be good from some lulz

  7. I wish someone would go through an entire scene setup. Background, character, plus camera.

    Everyone alwasy does the bits and peices but I'd like to see you take
    Character A and put him in background, setup camera, and animate.

    Plus I want to know more about the business side of th ings.

  8. Anything you can think of I will probably be interested in :P
    And I agree with whoever mentioned the animatic. Should be fun to watch after seeing the film xD

  9. Dude my favorite is your behind the scenes, on youtube the behind the scenes on we are the strange, those are me faves..

  10. We definitely need some concept art in the making of! Some comparisons of how previous versions of the script to the final cut, like if there was a completely different story, or characters that were cut or added.

  11. As someone said breaking a difficult scene from storyboard to final would be great. Personally would like to see more about using motion clips as I think its the only way to make so much work in such a short time. Cheers

  12. how about a single fkn frame of this damn thing? LOL .. come on man throw us a scrap!

  13. I think there are enough technical tuts on the net. Even though it would be interesting to see some "one man army tricks".
    What would really grab my attention are some explanations about the cinematography. I mean, why did you shoot that sequence that way? What was the motivation behind that shot or dialogue? You often talk about references from japanese movies or anime and I'd really like to hear about that in some sort of director's comments stuff.
    I work in 3d animation and people just talk too much about technical stuffs and not enough about the meaning of images. Shot breakups are cool but I see that everyday. If you could give us some deeper info (more "why" than "how"), you would really make my day.

    (English not perfect, sorry)

  14. I agree with Christoph... I'm most interested in how you handled the challenges of being a lone artist on a big project. Business/workflow would be great. Also, info on how you got started, how you knew the script was done enough for the next stage, how much you revised the script as you worked, etc.

  15. How you came up with the idea for the film.


    Id love it if you put into the extras yoru step by step "making of" obviously.

    But alos, what isnpired some fights/charecters?

    Stuff you covered in the blog, but in video story form.

  17. Don't get back on facebook!

    Just make tutorials that you had to use in your expirience in your way of improvement. Like Tellin' how to do something,while telling a story how this helped you fix a problem in your movie,how it helped create such a style or something. Something you yoruself learned from yourself!


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