Digging up the past for the book

Some peeps asked for some stories from my past for the book so I've been digging up some old stuff to put in it.... here's some photos from about 10 years ago or so from the SomeGuY/Agent2a03 days...
On our PUBLIC TOILET TOUR wherein we toured all the pay toilets in one night and had an obese elderly homeless woman sing the star spangled banner.

A flyer to prove that I'm not even joking about it 0_0
In my Kitchen studio with actor and friend Steve who taught me about acting and improv... that was my first nice computer and that's where I made Blue Wander etc

My Live action team from 2002 in Santa Monica... we made some really insane awesome stuff back then...

Performing from a friends art show while class was in session in 2003

That's Stuart who did the voice of ORI in WATS- he's a dope MC/Singer so he would special guest with us some times

Trespassing on private property to shoot a scene for my first feature film "Ophidian" in 2000

A place I spent a lot of time thinking and writing... the Santa Monica pier

Me with my best friend Sivan in Santa Monica 2001 we had some great times ^_^ I have to go to Mexico City to visit him some time... 

So yeh in the book I write about those old days when I made live action films on the street and all kinds of crazy shit... and was doing music shows and how/why I got into animation as a last resort from being lonely/depressed and all kinds of stuff... I'm adding 5000 words to the book every day and I'll be done in about a week so I hope yall like it when I release it!

Thanks for all the topic requests and questions I've done my best to include them in the book...


  1. awesome shots,I'm looking forward to hsm and the book. I also have the same shirt as you in the first picture

  2. you look so diffrent with hair
    i actually listen to songs for strangers a lot
    i liked agent 2a03's music
    looks like your past has quite a few stories to tell
    i look forward to reading them

  3. Even when my hair was at it's longest, it never was that long. 0_0

    wow XD

  4. Hey I've been to Santa Monica pier. But only in a video game. Is it sad that that makes it count anyway in my eyes?
    The photos are amazing, I can't believe there's a connection between SomeGuY and Mdot. Not that SomeGuY was bad, quite the contrary, there would be no Mdot without SomeGuY, but Mdot definitely seems improved, like a refined SomeGuY. I need to stop typing out these names, I'm just so flabbergasted. The words flab and gas are in flabbergasted.

  5. if we lived close to eachother, i think we would be good friends.

  6. Dude... I STILL want to see Ophidian. Stoked to check your book out, mang.

  7. I have been pondering the possible look of the film for a year now. Is the book available through PayPal?

  8. Also, I remember you saying at some point that if peeps were interested in your old someguy vids that you'd look into making them available... Just wanted to show my interest.

  9. Also with the book, I think you need to include some stuff about the keeping motivated shizzle and doing what you want to do. I know you'll do that anyway, and we all get alot of passionate stuff in your posts, but I think alot of your followers, myself included, feed off that passion and it puts stuff into perspective and helps alot. Really looking forward to the book dude.

  10. When you do come to Mexico City, I will give you a cosmic handshake and buy you a beer.

    Good luck with editing and stay strongggg!!!


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