Nobody's dancinG

In a time a numbness...where people self medicate to avoid feeling anything...and in an age where people trade freedom for "security".... NOW when someone really speaks out or acts out of PASSION they are called "crazy"... simply because it is so rare these days... but human's were not always so passive and numbed... they were once ACTIVE and BOLD... and the passion that is now called "crazy" used to just be the behavior of someone who embraced and LOVED life... but now it seems humans are AFRAID of LIFE... yeh its really DIFFICULT to truly LIVE and its really EASY to people choose a slow DEATH instead of taking the risks required to really be ALIVE...

If you stand up and fight for your rights the xombies call you "crazy"

If you get up and dance the xombies call you "crazy"

If you are really alive and act accordingly the xombies call you "crazy"

My new film touches on this...

"LAY DOWN AND DIE" yeh it really is that EASY! Do not resist anything! Accept everything that comes to you! Don't ever try or make any effort! Accept the status quo and never challenge it! Sounds easy right! It is... that's why when I walk down the street I see XOMBIES and not living humans...

Living is painful and scary... BUT if you brave life you stand to reap its greatest rewards! Something that can never be bought or attained through external means... a feeling of absolute joy, excitement, happiness and freedom!

All these humans buy into the Xombie life plan... they give in to the fear... die inside... then become Xombies... then when they are like "SECURE" they try to buy "FREEDOM" these Xombies try to BUY A LIFE... they try to BUY a FEELING... they try to BUY joy, love, happiness.... BUT YOU CAN'T BUY IT! ITS A BIG FUCKING SHAM! They realized they've been ripped off then here come the MED'S!!!!

Why did you want to take the training wheels off your bicycle? Because you wanted the full REAL experience of riding your bicycle right? Also the training wheels prevented you from going certain places... what training wheels do people use to prevent themselves from being ALIVE?

It's a fear of LIFE that is killing people slowly from the inside...

I say be BOLD, act a FOOL, follow your HEART, try, fail and try again! There's nothing to FEAR except perhaps a bruise on your ego and there's always the RISK that you might actually FEEL ALIVE?!? OMG?! NOT THAT?!?!

Bird's don't belong in cages and neither does what makes us, us.

We've all got dragons to slay... and ya know that dragon is NEVER as dangerous as you've convinced yourself it is... so run at it and swing your might surprise yourself and actually slay it! Another dragon will always pop up down the path but now with your new might and courage you'll just charge headfirst and slay them all and BE ALIVE!

Then you'll start dancing ^_^


  1. AMAZING post, mdot. this was extremely relevant to the current realizations i've been making. i began doing this type of meditation that has really got me in touch with these things. instead of resisting some of my absurd thoughts now i can observe them and laugh at how they try to restrict me. and situations that used to scare me i now jump into lol.

    some people think i'm a god, some people think i'm crazy. but it's all just stuff hah. i just follow my heart and do what i wanna do. i kinda see it like this, meditation is a homecoming and life is one big party. so as you said, dance! ^_^ can't help but think about Em dancing in WATS hahah. my favorite scene. well that and the scenes with ori! :)

  2. Some people dance WHILE they slay those dragons. Like Arnold in Hey Arnold when he did a breakdance to convince a bully that he's crazy and thus can't be harmed. It was great.
    When I was 14 I used to cite cheesy poetry at dragons to confuse them and make them leave. It works amazingly well, cheesiness makes angry people really really uncomfortable. Although I'm talking about people dragons, general dragons are of course more difficult than that. You just can't cite Keats at buggy software and expect any results. Blake might work though.

    If it weren't for the film career, Mdot should become a full time motivational speaker. Just like George Bush but better.


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