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Isn't it bizarre that right now SEVERAL countries in the middle east are going though major unrest wherein innocent unarmed civilians are being slaughtered in the streets... there's even video where you can see it for yourself.. IT's NO SECRET... YET mass media continues to babble on about all things truly meaningless? Celebrities, sports, TV, consumer whore tech, games etc...

Politician's in purported benevolent countries "denounce" the actions taken by certain countries and their dictator's or regimes as an act of misdirection while behind the scenes they continue to support the regimes... even if they do slaughter innocent people in the streets AND it's captured on video for all to see...

If your a young person today you get to see the world the way it really is through the internet...IF you choose to look... LOOK at what IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD and look at what mass media and the status quo is telling you is going on... its like NIGHT AND DAY... You can SEE a clear separation from reality and WHAT mass media is trying to dictate to you to accept as "reality"


Mass media tells you... Oh those people being killed in those far away countries are not important SO BUY A NEW IPHONE... those people of "undesirable" ethnicity or culture aren't important TALK ABOUT "INSERT POP STAR HERE" Actually those aren't even people in those other places they are just strange automatons just like in call of duty... so WHO CARES RIGHT?! PLAY MORE GAMES!

I live in the U.S. where the masters of propaganda, mind control and behavioral conditioning reside... I grew up seeing their bullshit everyday and now I walk amongst the zombie's... The walking dead.

What can you do though? ACKNOWLEDGE IT... LEARN ABOUT IT.. HOW/WHY IT HAPPENED... DO NOT BE A PART OF IT... DO not accept the world view that is being pushed upon you...REJECT IT and create your own based on REAL EXPERIENCE... or the REAL experiences passed on to you by living breathing humans... make up YOUR OWN MIND.

DIY goes a lot DEEPER than just making your own films or art and the like.... DIY PERCEPTION!

It's much more convenient to accept what's given to you so then you can have more time to play games or watch TV or play on facebook or whatever it is that humans do in wasting their precious lives RATHER THAN FIGHTING FOR THEIR dreams and THEIR LIVES...not the "life" that has been dictated to them by mass media and pop culture.

It's so easy to talk or type about things you "believe in"... why don't you try actually LIVING THEM? Then you'll find out whether you "believe" in them or not.

Most of this hate and fear that is spewed forth from the media of the west towards the east and everywhere else stems from IGNORANCE... mass media seeks to keep us uneducated and STUPID so have no choice but to listen to it... it tells us "what the world" is like and people accepts its view because it keeps them comfortable... they can stay home and feel just fine with the world as its all wrapped up in a nice little package by mass media.

I myself have no dominant race or culture... I was an outcast that was forced to come up with my own identity... in life and in art... and I'm glad that's the way it was. I never saw people based on sex, race, culture, religion or political belief... people are people... a douche-bag is a douche-bag no matter where they are from or what race they are... a great person is a great person no matter what...

We, THE PEOPLE are all the same all over the world... it's the countries LEADERS who are the HORRIBLE GREEDY PEOPLE... get rid of the "leaders" and we're all fine ^ ^ BUT the LEADERS use MASS MEDIA to divide and conquer us... they get us to fight and argue over all kinds of bullshit so that we never come together and OVERTHROW THEM... they use subterfuge and misdirection and an endless wave of distraction to keep us from realizing the TRUTH...

The world is CHANGING right now and YOU can be apart of it.. so stop retweeting shit about Justin Bieber or Lady Caca and OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES HOLMES!

#iran #libya #bahrain #yemen #algeria #egypt #morocco #jordan #syria #palestine 

If you don't... you're as good as dead... and just about as useful to the people FIGHTING for their causes... just being aware of what's really going on is a type of support...

AND the political LEADERS lie to you... In America for example when people in other countries show "Anti-American" attitudes or whatever they ARE NOT talking about ME OR YOU... its not the common people... its our BULLSHIT CORRUPT "LEADERS" .... mass media tries to make it seem like its US who are fault and the target of the hate but its NOT...

When I read the twitter feeds of these d00ds in these other countries fighting for freedom I say to myself... "he's just like me... he feels the same way and has the same attitudes" So I know that these people are my BROTHERS not my enemies!

Unless your a part of the "ruling class" ...the common people all over the world are NOT your enemy... they are your friends you never knew existed ^ ^ So let go of racial, political or religious bullshitterY and see the common people for who and what they really are!

See through the divide and conquer tactics and don't be fooled by the misdirection... and don't get caught up in the distractions... SEE the world as IT REALLY IS and make up your own mind. Take a SIDE and do your best to FIGHT any way you can.


  1. I feel there's nothing I can do. You know, those with the money are those with the power. How can we broke artistic types stand up and change the world? Vote? Make a movie/album/etc. that no one will pay attention to besides those who agree with us anyway?
    I have 2 youtube accounts: my rehashed youtubepoop popculture bullshit experiment (one video has 45000+ views) ...the other is for my original content which i pour my soul into (all videos grand total of 400 views)
    O well, at least your latest rant got me pumped again, like they all do. I hope at least your film gets some attention from a chunk of the masses. I'll do my part to spread the word

  2. @R8Bitch

    Totally know how you feel man. I feel helpless a lot of the time too. However we can't let that lead to inaction. We all know that when we get into art/film/music there is no guaranteed payoff in the external sense at least. We know that we may never have more than a few hundred fans and we could end up old and alone in a shack with nothing but our work. But i'm of the 'till death' mindset. I see a lot of 'creative' types pussy out and go corporate when they're 30 or 40 because they 'haven't made it'. Well screw that man, if we really wish to create great and meaningful work it'll be till the grave.

    On a brighter note if this does happen, there is always posthumous success... Van Gogh style.

    Media has a hell of a lot of power, power for 'bad' or power for 'good'. Animation has an especially strong language to deliver messages in an offhand way, yet i see hardly any animated work today that uses the medium for anything but 'entertainment' value.(waltz for bashir and a lot of anime are clear exceptions).

    Many many 'creative' people go into advertising, hollywood, and media corporations, so there needs to be as many people like us who are willing and able to subvert the mediums and techniques to our own message. So i think Mdot's right when he says one thing people like us can do is keep our eyes and minds open, and the mediums we work in can be subverted for messages we believe in, and that we believe are right.

    I also think the creative world is stuck in this mud-like post-modernist view. I swear the next time i hear someone from my art school say "nothing is original, everything has been done before" i will slap the shit out of them.
    It's like they see that everything is derivative(which it is to some point) and give up on trying to be 'original' or having something to say. Just look at Banksy, the art world and popular world love him, yet what is he saying? Absolutely nothing! So be wary of getting stuck in a loop of self referential pop culture and remix, but i'm sure you've figured that out for yourself. And that is not to say that i think all work in remix or with post-modernist views are trivial, just a hell of a lot of them.

    ok that's enough of a rant from me.

    keep the fight up R8Bitch!
    i'm with you all the way.

  3. I try to stay in the loop of what is going on over where the unrest is, and whenever I talk about it to my "peers" most of them are like "whatever, theyr just a bunch of psycho terrorists" or "I remember that place, it was a level in (insert modern warfare army game)" and "That's too depressing, lets talk about that lawn gnome movie that just came out" and then I get sent to a counselor or the principal because they think, I'm depressed, or that I'm dangerous for talking about bombers, and the slaughter. There's a club at my school for helping the child-solders in africa, but all they do is TALLK, talk about new movies, talk about starting a fund-raiser, but they don't start one, they talk about putting up posters, but no one wants to pay for the paper (I offered to pay but the idea gets scrapped because the principal needs the poster space to advertise the Prom!) So it is TRUE! Those in power, even as "low" as a high-school principal don't want to take the blinders off the work-horse, and those who can see are "depressed" and need medication, or "dangerous" and need to be isolated. It feels like trying to walk forward in quick-sand. and it does feel lonely when just about everyone you know dosen't know what you know, because they don't want to know. Really uplifting to see there are people who can see.

  4. "BUT the LEADERS use MASS MEDIA to divide and conquer us... they get us to fight and argue over all kinds of bullshit so that we never come together and OVERTHROW THEM..."

    When i read that the first thing that came into my head was "hello I'm a mac and I'm a PC"
    the mass media really does have people divided up...
    i actually haven't had TV in my house for over a year and i never read the news paper
    so i'm just pretty focused on what's going on in my little world
    I'm not saying the real world doesn't matter
    but I'd rather get caught up in my little world rather then the struggles and tragic happening in the world

    but I've always thought a person is a person no matter who they are
    i stopped judging people because i find it ruins every chance of having another friend
    except for druggies... i really can't stand them no matter what i do

  5. unrelated .. but i thought you would get a kick out of this M ..(probably even prompt another blog entry

    anyways .. cool stuff

  6. There's TONS of stuff we can do. Go to these guys for starters:

    People in the US, check out

    Most of all, FUCK TV & the mainstream press and get out on the streets!

  7. .I am a film maker/designer and live in the US and feel exactly the same way. So far I have spent my career in the epicenter of advertising and TV and am slowly stepping away from it to use my art for more meaningful stuff.
    Shit will hit the fan and the US empire will crumble regardless of what we do, and that might be a good thing.
    A wake up call to all the zombie masses out there
    All you need to do is inform. A good introduction to the concept is this film:
    Next, if you can, get off the grid and be more sustainable. The more you are independent from this system, the more chances you have to not be affected by it in bad times.

  8. ^^^
    This movie. Everyone needs to watch it. This old system is going to topple sooner or later, but for now, we can help accelerate this process...

  9. Real issue i think, it how politicians and people let other folks form their perceptions.

    In the middle east for instance, they either totally think it's all about religion, only about politics or class warfare, only about culture.

    So they play upon these perceptions, and lead us along as cattle, for votes or for influence, or so we can tune in and watch their shows.

    THey don't care if they misinform or create social misconceptions.

    Even if someone thinks islam is super-evil/great lie or that middle eastern culture is totally barbaric...
    Or even if they believe the opposite, that it's totally awesome culturally....

    The economic, historical,structural, social implications all intermingle to create a nuanced set of problems.

    For instance, egypt is both a show of a collective will of people for freedom AND the fact that the military may have let it all happen due to successions. It isn't JUST about democracy...since the military could have shut down the revolution if they thought it would not benefit them.
    But we can't ignore the show of collective will the people had.

    What am i trying to say? NAUNCE is the key, NUANCE in everything with these issues...and ALL issues.


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