What am I doing NOW?

I must have a need to like type a certain number of words per day....or like express myself in some way that it being filled by doing the writing for the book... because ever since I started writing it I haven't posted here much. Well the "writing" of the book is done as of today... and as soon as my totally professional editor hand's me back the human readable version I'll start the book design. I already designed the cover and the template pages... I just need to lay it all out now.

I got another chunk of music that I just finished the rough edit on so now 35 minutes of the film is cut so that's like 1/3 or 1/4 down depending on how long it ends up being...

When I get the new music I work really hard for a few days to rough it out... then I take like a week and just watch it over and over adding small adjustments until it feels totally right.

The music is AMAZING even though its not in the final form... seems I need to get Endika a good sample based choral library plug-in because he wrote a bunch of stuff for chorus for the piece of music he just gave me... but we don't have any good ones... seems this is the best one and it goes for $550 for the basic version and $1100 for the full version

That may seem expensive BUT when you compare it to the price of a real choir its pretty low... so my plan is to put the poster and the book on sale within a month and use the proceeds to buy a sample library because the music he is writing is GREAT and it doesn't seem fair if it has to play through low quality samples or virtual instruments ya know?

So far in the music he's given me the real instruments are upright bass, cello, viola, cajon, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, and piano... and he has a trumpet player he's going to have play on it as well...

The only real "instrument" we need is that chorus... ALTHOUGH we stopped by this pawn shop and they had a french horn for sale for $2200 0_o BUT he said he would love to write for it and his trumpet player can play it... we just don't have a french horn... So next movie I definitely want to have a bigger budget so we can go all out with the music... so next movie we can hire a REAL choir and have french horn and all the other instruments he wants to write for.

It's all more motivation for me to make HSM a success and handle the business dealings the RIGHT WAY.... NOT the lazy artist way like I did before 0_0


  1. damn! it's going to be orchestral! ...well almost. i thought you were just using VSTs.

    french horns are freaking boSS. I used to play in an orchestra and when we did tchaikovsky's fifth, they flipped the shit. there's a really nice sound to them.

    i've been meaning to make a short animation with something creepy and naval for a few months now. just so i can use mad eerie boatswain's whistles in the score.

    looking forward to the book man. i'll definitely be getting it. so much easier parting with my money knowing who and what it's going to.

  2. d00d, you should look into the possibility of going to Prague to record orchestra for the next film. Eastern european orchestra's rule & are much cheaper than AMerryCah or the UweKay.

  3. Orchestra is awesome. I think an orchestra brings a life to any film.

    Oh and PS I thought you might find this guy interesting. He's for the cause.....


  4. @Shawn Hey, thanks for that link. Awesome read, and its such a crazy simple idea, it actually works!


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