Gettin there.....

On the surface it seems like nothing is going on with this M dot Strange guy... that's because there's a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes... things are moving CLOSER towards the release of HSM and a bunch of other things and they will all be ready at the same time... Sooooooo I'm waiting till they are all ready so I can be like BLAM!

The second little book "B_BOOK" is ready to go.... THIS ISN'T THE HSM ONE! This was originally going to be in the HSM book but it would have made it way too long and expensive so I made it a separate book.... this one is like my auto-biography/crazy arts manifesto ^_^

I was originally going to do it in black and white to keep the price down but it looked so nice in color I decided to keep it that way even though it makes it expen$ive... so instead of forcing you to buy this lil short book for $34 to get the information I'm going to publish all the text from the book here on this blog... So if you want the info you can read it here for free.... or if you want to help support me and have the book with pics in the flesh you can buy it.... So I'll be posting it on this blog this week but if your crazy and want to buy this little thang right now you can right here

Since I originally split it off to keep it cheap YET I ended up making it expensive too I'm like WTF?! haha... BUT I also thought I should keep my personal stuff separate from the HSM book so that's why I did it... It has pics of me as a kid and tells the story of how I became the professional weirdo I am today... as well a bunch of extremist artist rhetoric ^_^ ITS CRAZY! haha

The HSM making-of book is called "A_BOOK" I should be getting the proof this week so it will be ready real soon as well... it's a bigger book with TONS of photos of stuff you've never seen before ^_^

One of the five cd/mp3 albums I'm making available is HERE and the others will be up soon... if you downloaded all my albums when they were up here you already have all the songs... these cd's will be good for people new to my music as I take the best tracks from the past 8 years or so and put em on these "new" albums...

I'll be updating this blog with info pages for the books and cd's and OF COURSE for HSM! So I'll keep doing that stuff as I do sound for HSM.....

I'm still bangin away on the foley/sound design stuff... its going really good... the film is really starting to come alive... its coming alive as I do foley passes for all the characters... all their footsteps... the sounds they make when they move their limbs...turn their heads... I'm even doing a WHOOSH pass ^ ^ I do all the whooshes with my mouth THEN I apply a pitch shift/octavizer offline process on them and they sound tite.... so after I do the foley pass I go in and add all the sounds I can't do live like gun shots and the like...

So it's all getting there slowly.... I still feel MEGA frustration now and then lately because I just want to put some promo stuff out... so as soon as A_BOOK is up for sale... I'll launch ALL THE PROMO STUFF! Should be in the next 2 weeks ^ ^

Again, thank you for your patience and thank you for your support meh friends.


  1. Just sent in my order for the first book. Looks great, mDot. Can't wait to sit down and start reading. Thanks for doing this. PS the buying process was very simple and easy.

  2. Man I wish I could buy the CD and book, but I unfortunately am a poorfriend and am saving up for an HD camera. (I'm currently using a 2003-ish digital camera that I got for like 20 bucks at a garage sale to film all of my movies... lol).

    Maybe that camera can wait an extra month or two though....

  3. It needs to show a state. I'm in UK. can i still order the book?

  4. I feel like I already know a ton of stuff about you so I think i'M goona pass on B-Book and spend my po0r mon3y on A_book and a Poster. And the dvd of course. OHHHHH I wanted to ask if you were going to try to put out a few blue ray dvd's of it?????

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! H-S-M!!!!!!!! H-S-M!!!!!!! H-S-M!!!!!!!!!!!! *the crowd goes wild*

  6. @Ricky Thanks! Your probably purchaser #1 ^ ^

    @Veruon Don't worry bout it d00d get your camera! These books will always be available as its print on demand so they cant run out ^ ^

    @DrunkRabbit It says its set up for International orders so I assume it will work?

    @Gofio Yeh if we can do I'll do Blu-ray for sure!

    @HotRolla Yeh man the time will FINALLY come soon ^ ^

  7. Just ordered the book d00d. Keep on keepin' on. I is behind you'se :D


    I don't know if I'm ready.

    Someone hold me. :)

    Definitely going to get your book as soon as I get enough cash, dude. That along with everything else you're putting up for grabs.

  9. I'm in the boat of being totally broke .___.
    ..for now :3

    On the other hand, book coming out now means teaser soon! :D

  10. Congratulations Mdot on finishing your book!

    At first I cringed at the price (I only put 25$ aside for your book ^^; ) I’ll have to start saving but I am sure it will be worth the wait! Can’t wait to have my mind blown! Keep up the inspirational work and words Mdot :D

  11. Just Ordered the book, can't wait for it! Good to see you going all out with this! I just know that one day I will wake up check out the blog, find out the movie is out, watch it, and die... inside.

  12. M Dot push off releasing stuff!
    I don't have the money to save up for a 3DS (to replace my old broken DS) and buy your propganda!
    that are you thinking!

    Actually i'll probably end up buying this stuff and waiting for the 3DS to drop in price lol

  13. Hey,
    could it be possible to pay you by paypal, I'm from France and my credit card have problem with worldwide website like amazon.

    Hope it will be possible.
    Bye !

  14. @DAngoBalil

    Sorry it won't work with your CC... What I'll do is order a few myself and then I would be able to take paypal and ship them myself ^ ^ I'll post her on the blog when I have done this so I can take your order...thank you for your interest!

  15. I am also interested in purchasing both of these books through PayPal to support M dot Strange films and blog.

  16. sorry mdots, i'm mad poor atm.

    As soon as i get my check from the government and have gotten those walter murch books i'll be getting yours.

    So pumped.

    Congrats on your first published book.


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