After animating over 1500 shots by yourself in less than a year you're going to get a lot of practice... so that... I did...

After doing all that... making something like SOOPERMAN is really fast and easy... 30-40 shots a day at that low quality is easily do-able...  It has more to do with the simplicity of everything... and you probably noticed but ALL the characters in SOOPERMAN are using the BOXMAN character/rig I gave away and was using in my tutorials... so if you have it you can make something like SOOPERMAN as well....

I've done as much work on HSM as I can at the moment... or as of a week ago that's why I made sooperman... I'm supposed to get some more music for HSM today so I can get back to work on that...

BUT yesterday I wrote three more sooperman episodes and they get BIGGER and CRAZIER... there's giant robots, giant monsters.... he gets  a "partner" briefly... theres NUKES...a musical episode... all kinds of crazy shit ^ ^ So whenever I get a spare day or two I'm going to kick out sooperman episodes... I have ideas for a bunch more episodes as well... its a lot of fun so imma doeS my best to keep kicking em out... I've got a ton of crazy ideas but for now I have to prep these files to go out to the voice actors for HSM...

Thanks for checking out sooperman and if you like please share it or post it where ever...I don't have time to do it myself unfortunately...k back to werK


  1. Dammit Reyori, I can't unsee that!

  2. hey mdot! i think you'll appreciate this short animated film. i heard miyazaki is a fan of it. it's from 1975.



  3. @Hot Rolla Dood i just checked Yuriy Norshteyn's stuff and i'm mind fucked. I'd been looking for animation like that for years!, and i think that know i'll have a better idea about how to make it. Thanks for sharing this man!.


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